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What Jalen Hurts Might Have Said About Nick Sirianni

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It was a softball question.

Following Thursday’s minicamp practice, Eagles QB Jalen Hurts met with reporters to discuss how the off-season had gone so far. It’s been a strange one, to be sure, with a new offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore installing an entirely new offense under the watchful eye of the incumbent head coach, Nick Sirianni.

Ever since owner Jeffrey Lurie and general manager Howie Roseman decided to retain Sirianni as head coach and bring in Moore to run the offense, Birds watchers have wondered how Sirianni would take to the change. After all, there is the sense that, should the offense succeed in 2024, Moore will likely get much of the credit, whereas if it struggles, Sirianni will likely be the one to lose his job over it.

It’s a difficult position to put any head coach in, and there is not a small amount of curiosity as to how this is all going to go and how Sirianni is reacting to it. So it made sense for a reporter to ask Hurts a very simple question about the unusual coaching dynamic he finds himself in the middle of.

Q: “What have you noticed about Nick being open-minded to change up the offense like he has? What does that say about him?”

Easy. A layup. There are a million ways a veteran QB like Hurts could have answered this question without anyone raising an eyebrow. Hurts responded as if he was answering in a foreign language.

HURTS: “Um, I mean, that’s a great question. I don’t know that I know the answer to it.”

You don’t know how to answer how your head coach, your boss, the guy who has been with you since 2021, is handling the new offensive concepts and the changes to an offense he’s overseen the last three years? You can’t say whether he’s been delivering a positive message to the team, despite these challenging circumstances?

In the hopes of getting an answer to this seemingly straightforward question, a follow-up was proffered.

Q: “Well, what have you seen from him as far as doing that?”

In other words, does Sirianni seem like he’s on board and supportive of what’s happening? If he giving the players the sense that he is? In other words, is Sirianni seemingly being a good guy and a gracious coach during all this turnover? Given a second chance to pump up his head coach, Hurts responded with this.

HURTS: “Um, I think he’s been great in the messages he’s delivering to the team. Trying to be very intentional in what he’s saying. Yeah.”

Seems to me Hurts dialed up quite a bit of word soup to avoid paying a compliment to Sirianni.

To be clear, I have no idea if these two men like each other, I have no idea if they tolerate each other, I have no idea if they hate each other, and I don’t think you can solely infer the status of their relationship from these quotes.

What I can tell you is that there are a million other ways to answer this softball question in a way that doesn’t cause controversy. For example:

“Nick is a professional and he understands what we’re doing here. I think he’s been great.”

Easy. Simple. No muss, no fuss. Or how about…

“It’s a difficult position for any coach to be in. As players, we have his back. We know he’s a good coach and he and Kellen are working great together.”

The response doesn’t even have to be true. It just has to be believable. How about one more?

“Nick’s always done a great job of getting us ready to play. He’s done a great job of trying to get us on the same page. That’s not to say there haven’t been, and won’t be, challenges. But we’re all in this together and he’s making sure it stays that way.”

These are all responses that could or should have been offered as a reflex for a player with as much experience dealing with the media as Hurts if he wanted to defend his coach and give him some cover. By not offering some kind of platitude, he gives the impression that he has nothing nice to say about Sirianni. It’s hard to believe Hurts was completely baffled by the soft-tossing reporter, especially when given a second opportunity to answer.

Why he chose not to — once again — is anybody’s guess.

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