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Week 18: The Eagles’ Opposing Team Must Be Stopped

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The Philadelphia Eagles, with a record of 11-5, have secured a spot in the playoffs. However, despite the uncertainty surrounding their upcoming games, the Eagles have not lost confidence in themselves. On the other hand, the New York Giants, who have a record of 5-11, have little to play for and only stand to lose more when they face off against the Eagles on Sunday at 4:25 p.m. at MetLife Stadium.

Instead of focusing on stopping a specific player from the opposing team, the Eagles need to direct their attention inwards this week. The primary obstacle they need to overcome is their own performance. The team has been struggling internally over the past month, and their recent track record reflects this.

The Eagles have suffered a series of setbacks in their last five games, with a record of 1-4. During this period, they have turned the ball over eight times and had a -5 difference in the giveaway/takeaway metric. Additionally, they have been outscored 155-113, allowing an average of 31 points per game while scoring only 22.6. In terms of total offense, the Eagles have given up 1,888 yards in their last five games, averaging 377.6 yards per game, and have gained only 1,718 yards, translating to 343.6 yards per game. Their defense, which was once a strong point, now ranks 23rd in the league, surrendering an average of 352.4 yards per game. This represents a significant difference from their performance in the previous season, and it is clear that the Eagles are struggling to maintain their defensive prowess.

A major obstacle for the Eagles has been their inability to stop their opponents on third downs. They currently rank 30th in opponent third-down conversions, allowing teams to convert 46.58% of the time. This was particularly evident in a recent game against the Arizona Cardinals, where the Eagles allowed 50% of third downs to be converted. It is clear that the defense is struggling to maintain its effectiveness on crucial plays.

The performance of individual players has also suffered during this period. Defensive tackle Jordan Davis has not delivered a sack since Week 7 and has seen a decline in his overall performance. Similarly, Jalen Carter’s playing time has decreased, and he has struggled to maintain his impact on the game. Offensively, the Eagles have failed to get the ball to their key player, A.J. Brown, affecting their overall performance.

The Eagles’ dependence on A.J. Brown was evident in their recent games, as their offense struggled when they were unable to effectively utilize him. This indicates a significant flaw in their offensive strategy and a lack of adaptability when their primary player is neutralized by opposing defenses.

According to an NFL scout, the Eagles’ offense appears to lose its effectiveness when A.J. Brown is not available as a target. This reliance on one player’s performance is a clear weakness that the Eagles must address in order to improve their offensive capabilities.

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently facing numerous internal challenges that they need to overcome. While their upcoming game against the New York Giants represents an opportunity to address these issues, it is clear that the team must focus on solving their internal problems before they can effectively compete against their opponents.

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