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Visit Raiders Commanders with Kingsbury and Harris to discuss Weight

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Jayden Daniels continues to be the favored choice for the second overall pick. The Commanders have that selection, and they recently hosted the 2023 Heisman winner — along with several other quarterbacks — just before the deadline for “30” visits. While Daniels may not have much control over where he lands, rumors suggest he may prefer joining another team.

Two GMs informed Washington Post’s Jason La Canfora that Daniels would “love” to be drafted by the Raiders. In an interview with ESPN’s Pat McAfee, it was mentioned that Daniels has shown interest in playing elsewhere from the beginning of the pre-draft process. Given his history with Raiders HC Antonio Pierce and the team’s openness about wanting to reunite with him, it’s not surprising that Daniels is more inclined to play in Las Vegas than in Washington.

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The draft system, in place since the 1930s, doesn’t always align with the players’ desires. The Raiders reportedly inquired about OC candidates’ willingness to work with Daniels months ago. Despite that, as of this week, a Raiders move up from the 13th pick to a spot where Daniels could be drafted, possibly as high as No. 2, was seen as unlikely. It’s unclear if GM Tom Telesco shares Pierce’s eagerness to trade up for a QB, adding more uncertainty to a pre-draft process that hasn’t revealed much beyond the Bears’ anticipated selection of Caleb Williams.

New Washington OC Kliff Kingsbury reportedly favors Daniels, who impressed as a runner more than Kyler Murray did in college. Daniels had a remarkable 1,143-yard rushing season and showed improvement as a passer at LSU, throwing 40 TDs and only four INTs last season while targeting players like Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas. However, Daniels’ weight has been a topic of discussion leading up to the draft.

An NFL.com scout mentioned that Daniels played at 185 pounds during the 2021 season at Arizona State and weighed in at 210 pounds this offseason. Another scout shared that Daniels’ weight fluctuated from the 190s at LSU to 210 pounds this offseason. This weight issue hasn’t hindered Daniels’ performance, but it raises questions about his size for his rookie season, especially considering his playing style and how he absorbs hits.

On the Washington side, Daniels’ camp didn’t expect his visit to coincide with other QB prospects like Drake Maye, J.J. McCarthy , and Michael Penix Jr.. Teams typically don’t schedule QB visits in groups for “30” visits, preferring to stagger them to evaluate each passer individually. Washington’s decision to bring in a group of QB prospects with the No. 2 overall pick raised eyebrows.

The Commanders’ new leadership includes Josh Harris hiring Adam Peters for football operations and Dan Quinn as the head coach. Despite this change, reports suggest that the successor to Dan Snyder has been more involved in the pre-draft process than anticipated, a scenario familiar to Washington fans.

Owner involvement in football decisions is not uncommon in the NFL, but it can be concerning if it interferes with the team’s plans. Harris’s reported input on possibly trading Montez Sweat and Chase Young last year indicates a significant presence in decision-making. It remains to be seen how Harris, with experience in ownership roles with other sports franchises, will impact the Commanders’ draft strategy.

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