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Top 20 Wide Receivers Ranked in the 2024 NFL Draft

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It’s draft season! With the 2024 NFL Draft approaching, I have been diligently evaluating prospects to release my rankings. It is important to note that these rankings are based on the Philadelphia Eagles’ needs and scheme fits. Therefore, the round grade I have assigned to each player takes this into consideration. For example, a player like Trey Benson may have initially had a 2nd round grade if the Eagles were in need of a running back, but his ranking may have changed following the signing of Barkley. Instead of focusing solely on the list, pay attention to the tiers as they reflect similar grades among players within the same tier.

In compiling these rankings, I have committed to watching as much film as possible, while also referencing stats and other data provided by sources like PFF and Dane Brugler. While off-the-field and injury issues may be mentioned in the player reports, they do not heavily influence the rankings. However, such factors may be highlighted in the summaries for informative purposes. If a player has not been ranked, it is likely because I have not yet evaluated them. Feel free to suggest specific players for me to review before the draft.

**Previously Running back / Wide Receiver**

**Tier 1**

1. Marvin Harrison Jr, Ohio State, 6-3 2/8, 209
– Summary: A dominant player with exceptional ball skills, production, and route running abilities, making him a top 5 prospect.

**Eagles Thoughts:** Marvin Harrison Jr. is a dream player for the Eagles, but unfortunately, he may not be a realistic option.

2. Rome Odunze, Washington, 6-2 7/8, 212
– Summary: Odunze showcases versatility with his size advantage and agile playstyle, excelling in contested situations and as a slot receiver.

**Eagles Thoughts:** While Odunze is a desirable pick, he may not fall within the Eagles’ draft range.

3. Malik Nabers, LSU, 6-0 199
– Summary: Nabers boasts exceptional athleticism, route running skills, and field presence, positioning him as a dynamic threat at all levels of the game.

**Eagles Thoughts:** Similar to Odunze, Nabers may be out of reach for the Eagles in the draft.

**Tier 2**

4. Brian Thomas Jr, LSU, 6-2 7/8, 209
– Summary: Thomas possesses outstanding size, speed, and catch radius, yet he is still refining his game to reach his full potential as a star receiver.

**Eagles Thoughts:** While drafting a receiver in the 1st round may not be ideal, selecting Thomas at pick 22 could be a tempting option.

5. Adonai Mitchell, Texas, 6-2 2/8, 205
– Summary: Mitchell’s explosive playstyle and vertical prowess make him a top talent, but concerns arise regarding his effort levels and short-range gameplay.

**Eagles Thoughts:** Mitchell’s skills align well with the Eagles’ offensive needs, making him a favorable choice for improvement in the passing game.

**Tier 3**

6. Xavier Worthy, Texas, 5-11 2/8, 165
– Summary: Worthy’s speed and route running abilities position him as a versatile receiver despite lacking size, making him a valuable asset for vertical threats.

**Eagles Thoughts:** Worthy’s explosive style suits the Eagles’ need for an electrifying WR3, presenting an enticing pick in the 2nd round.

7. Ladd McConkey, Georgia, 5-11 5/8, 186
– Summary: McConkey excels in route running with a focus on slot play, offering a reliable option for offenses, yet questions arise regarding his versatility as an outside receiver.

**Eagles Thoughts:** Despite McConkey’s strengths, his fit within the Eagles’ offense may not align perfectly, suggesting a better option in dynasty leagues rather than immediate impact.

**Tier 4**

8. Troy Franklin, Oregon, 6-1 7/8, 176
– Summary: Franklin’s speed and deep threat capabilities position him as a vertical burner, yet concerns linger regarding consistency in ball tracking and overall performance.

**Eagles Thoughts:** Franklin’s potential as a downfield threat is appealing, but may not fully meet the Eagles’ needs as a WR3.

9. Ricky Pearsall, Florida, 6-1, 189
– Summary: Pearsall’s solid hands and overall game present him as a safe option with high-floor potential, while recent athletic testing results challenge previous assumptions on his skill level.

**Eagles Thoughts:** Pearsall’s reliability as a WR3 candidate makes him a strong contender for the Eagles, although his draft position may be influenced by his newfound athletic prowess.

10. Xavier Legette, South Carolina, 6-1, 221
– Summary: Legette’s physicality and ability in contested situations highlight his potential as a standout receiver, yet concerns exist around his production level and lack of refinement.

**Eagles Thoughts:** Legette’s profile as a big vertical threat raises interest within the Eagles’ roster, posing both boom and bust potential for the team’s selection in the 2nd round.

11. Keon Coleman, Florida State, 6-3 2/8, 213
– Summary: Coleman’s size and catch prowess make him a formidable presence on the field, yet issues with separation and consistency pose challenges to his overall effectiveness.

**Eagles Thoughts:** While Coleman’s talent is undeniable, his unpredictable performance may influence his draft position, with a high-risk, high-reward trajectory in mind.

In conclusion, the upcoming NFL Draft presents a wealth of talented receivers for the Eagles to consider, each offering unique skill sets and potential impacts on the team. By aligning player evaluations with team needs and scheme fits, the Eagles can strategically address key areas of improvement within their offense. As the draft approaches, the decision-making process will be crucial in selecting prospects who not only fit the team’s requirements but also possess the potential to thrive in the competitive NFL landscape.

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