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The Philadelphia Eagles’ Top 7 Questions for 2024

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The Philadelphia Eagles, who did not make it to the playoffs, started their NFL offseason sooner than expected. Head coach Nick Sirianni and general manager Howie Roseman are preparing for their end-of-year press conferences on Wednesday. Several questions must be answered ahead of free agency, the draft, and training camp this summer. Some of the issues that need to be addressed include the breakdown in communication on defense, potential coordinator candidates, the future of key players, and Jalen Hurts’ development.

The Eagles struggled in the last seven games of the season, winning only one. As a result, there are immediate discussions about offensive and defensive coordinator candidates, as well as an analysis of the breakdown in communication on defense. Additionally, other questions will focus on Jalen Hurts and his continued development, A.J. Brown’s temperament, DeVonta Smith’s contract, and the future of veterans like Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox, and Brandon Graham.

One of the big questions facing the Eagles is finding a new offensive coordinator after Brian Johnson was fired. The new hire will need to work closely with head coach Nick Sirianni and may want input on the team’s offensive scheme, weekly game planning, and overall offensive flow.

Another issue at hand is the Eagles’ lack of investment in linebackers. Philadelphia has gone almost 40 years without drafting a linebacker in the first round. The team will need to consider allocating more resources to address this position, given the success of teams that perform well in this area.

The Eagles also need to decide whether to stick with their defensive principles or consider making a change to improve their performance on defense. After interviewing several veteran coordinators, including Ron Rivera and Mike Caldwell, the team also needs to determine if a different defensive scheme may be more effective.

Another concern is the team’s past draft choices, particularly in selecting Georgia defenders instead of dynamic safeties such as Kyle Hamilton and Brian Branch. The team will need to address the need for dynamic playmakers in the middle to strengthen its defense.

Furthermore, there are questions about the team’s decisions on defense and if they have backfired after further evaluation. This includes the impact of several deals and the team’s decision to pay certain players over others.

The Eagles also have a serious decision to make regarding contractual matters, particularly with linebacker Haason Reddick. The team needs to decide whether to re-sign, restructure, or potentially move on from him.

Finally, Jalen Hurts faces questions about his potential regression as he plays under his fourth offensive coordinator during his time with the Eagles. As one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in NFL history, there will be pressure and expectations on Hurts to perform.

Overall, the Eagles are facing several key questions as they prepare for the offseason, and their decisions in the coming months will have a significant impact on the team’s performance in the upcoming season.

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