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The Philadelphia Eagles hold the 18th position in salary cap space as the 2024 NFL offseason approaches.

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The 2024 NFL offseason is in full swing and the Philadelphia Eagles are focused on reshaping their roster to accommodate two new coordinators on both sides of the ball. After a 32-9 wild card loss to Tampa Bay, the Eagles are now looking to make changes to their roster and have a significant amount of cap space to work with for the upcoming season.

The 2024 salary cap for the NFL is expected to exceed $240 million, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. Currently, the Eagles are expected to have roughly $20,284,984 in cap space. The team also has 20 pending free agents, and with the need for defensive changes, they could create more cap space by making adjustments to their roster.

According to Over the Cap’s potential transaction chart, the Eagles have the potential to create $35.4 million in cap space by making five key moves. This will give them the flexibility needed to make necessary changes to their roster and bring in new talent.

The 2024 offseason is a crucial time for NFL teams to make adjustments to their roster, and the Eagles are no exception. The team will need to be strategic in their roster decisions to ensure they have the right players on both offense and defense to compete in the upcoming season.

The following is a list of NFL teams and their available cap space entering February, courtesy of Over The Cap:

New Orleans Saints: (-$83,683,454)
Miami Dolphins: (-$51,898,226)
Buffalo Bills: (-$51,277,109)
Los Angeles Chargers: (-$45,806,935)
Dallas Cowboys: (-$23,930,508)
Cleveland Browns: (-$19,740,700)
Pittsburgh Steelers: (-$19,622,046)
Seattle Seahawks: (-$16,020,377)
San Francisco 49ers: (-$5,230,353)
Green Bay Packers: (-$3,720,835)
New York Jets: (-$2,857,641)
Baltimore Ravens: $4,972,122
Jacksonville Jaguars: $7,328,828
Philadelphia Eagles: $11,574,167
New York Giants: $20,284,984
Kansas City Chiefs: $21,847,691
Minnesota Vikings: $24,070,296
Atlanta Falcons: $24,658,132
Las Vegas Raiders: $25,849,508
Carolina Panthers: $27,699,574
Detroit Lions: $28,599,402
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $36,048,311
Arizona Cardinals: $36,891,102
New England Patriots: $41,855,463
Houston Texans: $46,876,157
Indianapolis Colts: $47,678,386
Cincinnati Bengals: $57,394,290
Tennessee Titans: $58,923,573

With this information, the Eagles have the ability to strategically plan how they will use their cap space to revamp their roster for the 2024 season. This will enable them to make key changes to their team and strategically acquire new talent where it is needed most.

As the Eagles move forward with their offseason plans, they will need to consider a variety of factors, including the positions where they need to improve, available free agents, and potential trades. By being strategic with their cap space, the Eagles can position themselves for success in the upcoming season. The 2024 offseason will be a pivotal time for the organization, as they look to reshape their roster and build a team that can compete at the highest level in the NFL.

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