When two of the league’s best teams go head-to-head this late in a season, the results can have a big impact on the playoff race, and Saturday’s game between the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys is no different.

Now that the dust is settling on the controversial call that flipped the result of that game — a Lions two-point conversion overturned in the fourth quarter because of an offensive lineman deemed to be ineligible — we can take a look at the bigger picture of how a Cowboys win changes the NFC playoff picture.

Here’s a look at what would be different if things went the other way.

Detroit could have clinched the No. 1 seed in Week 18

If the Lions had beat Dallas, they could have clinched the No. 1 seed with a win over the Minnesota Vikings in Week 18 and one loss by the San Francisco 49ers, who play the Washington Commanders in Week 17 and Los Angeles Rams in Week 18.

Detroit would have finished no lower than No. 2 with another win

With a win, the Lions would have been 12-4 ahead of their home finale against the Vikings. They would have finished no lower than the No. 2 seed with another win.

Detroit could have hosted a divisional round playoff game

By losing to the NFC East’s Cowboys, the Lions may have to visit the NFC East’s Philadelphia Eagles if they both reach the divisional round. With a win, the Lions could have jumped ahead of the Eagles in the standings and hosted that game.

Dallas would have been on the brink of NFC East elimination

With a loss, the Cowboys would have needed the Philadelphia Eagles to lose each of their final two games to have a chance at winning the NFC East, which would have been extremely unlikely with the Eagles playing the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17 and New York Giants in Week 18. Now, the Cowboys need Philadelphia to lose just one of those games to have a chance.

The odds still aren’t in their favor, but they’re a lot more favorable at +250 than the other way around.

Dallas would be out of contention for the No. 1 seed

With a loss, Dallas would be unable to finish any higher than No. 2, and even that would have required some help. Now, the Cowboys have an outside shot at the top seed if the 49ers drop their final two games and the Eagles lose one.