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Sirianni’s Approach to Covering for Players Contributes to Building a Successful Team

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There was a moment against the Seattle Seahawks when Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and receiver A.J. Brown checked to a play that didn’t exactly work out for the best.

In the media availabilities that followed, the Eagles players and coaches took turns taking responsibility for the decision, a practice of covering for each other that is known to occur but is rarely demonstrated in such a public manner.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni (L) and quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) and offensive coordinator Brian Johnson (R) talk during the second quarter against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

“I think that’s just what a lot of coaches do, and that’s something I’ve always done and always thought when a coach did that for me was appreciative of it,” coach Nick Sirianni said about the act of covering for his players. “Also knew that coach was going to correct it after the fact. But knowing that when I played — and that was a long time ago — knowing a coach had my back was really important to me. You’re a product of the things you went through. I felt like that would be important to them as well, and then we move on and correct the mistakes we make from that, myself and the players.”

Many on the outside prefer a more transparent method of public communication this practice serves to ensure the internal business stays there and facilitates an environment where players and coaches can maintain trust while trying to mend the mistakes that cost teams games, and at times, championship opportunities.

When “dirty laundry” gets aired out in public, it’s often done at the detriment to the team as a whole, not just the player and/or coach involved.

Earlier this season when it was apparent Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields was publicly blaming his coaches for struggles experienced early in the year, he felt motivated to hold an extra media session that week to clear the air and correct what he said was a miscommunication of sorts.

That’s how important the trust between coach and player is, especially when it pertains to pride, which can easily be damaged and less easily repaired.

“Pride is a thing that’s always dangerous,” Sirianni said. “I’ve seen too many times where pride is something that deteriorates teams. You have to put pride aside and just say how you believe to do it…Like I say to you guys all the time, the best thing I can be here right now at 42 years old is be part of a football team. That’s special. That’s what teams do, and that’s what good teams do.”

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Unfortunately, Philadelphia hasn’t demonstrated more of the successful characteristics it did en route to an NFC Championship win just last year.

Fortunately for the Eagles they get a chance against the New York Giants this weekend to solve some of those problems before preparing for another playoff run beginning next weekend in the NFC Wild Card Round.

In the National Football League, the Philadelphia Eagles have had their shares of ups and downs. One of the key elements that they have exhibited in their difficult times is the characteristic of mutual responsibility and trust. The practice of taking the responsibility for each other is indeed rare but has been effectively displayed by the players and coaches of the Eagles.

During a game against the Seattle Seahawks, a play involving quarterback Jalen Hurts and receiver A.J. Brown did not yield the expected results. Subsequently, during media interactions, the Eagles players and coaches took turns in owning up to the decision, thereby covering for each other. This is an important practice which ensures that the internal affairs of the team are kept private and that it facilitates trust between players and coaches. It is a practice that serves to ensure the integrity of the team as a whole, not just the players and coaches. This is important for mending mistakes, be it in terms of games, championship opportunities, or issues that can arise due to pride.

The importance of trust in the relationship between a coach and a player can never be overstated, especially when it comes to issues related to self-esteem. Pride is indeed a dangerous factor and Sirianni acknowledges the deteriorating impact it can have on a team. He believes that it is important to set pride aside and work as part of a unit to overcome any roadblocks. The season did not turn out exactly as the Eagles might have wanted, but they have a chance to reconcile with their shortcomings and make amends in the forthcoming game against the New York Giants. This game offers them the prospect of resolving some of their issues and preparing themselves for the upcoming playoff run in the NFC Wild Card Round. Although in appearence it may look like a negative aspect, the Eagles opportunity to learn from its mistakes and find a way of winning next weekend for the NFC Wild Card Round is still wide open.

Assuming responsibility for each other’s mistakes is a positive characteristic that strengthens the bond between players and coaches and serves as a foundation for future successes. Mutually acknowledging one’s mistakes allows for the possibility of corrections and improvements, making the team stronger and more resilient. The importance of this practice cannot be overstated in team sports, where internal strife can impact the overall performance and success of the team. The Eagles demonstrate an effective method of conflict resolution and maintaining dignity and trust in the relationship between players and coaches, thereby ensuring team integrity and success.

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