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Sirianni Unveils Playoff Self-Affirmation: ‘We’re Ready to Battle!’

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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – The Philadelphia Eagles are all out of flushes.

The collapse from 10-1 to an 11-6 regular-season record is already historic, the first time that kind of freefall has happened in the NFL since the 1986 New York Jets raced out to 10-1 before finishing with five consecutive losses in what was then a 16-game schedule.

Those Jets rebounded to win a Wild Card game against Kansas City before bowing out in the Divisional against Cleveland.

Similarly, the Eagles have a real opportunity to beat a 9-8 Tampa Bay team on Monday night in the finale of Wild Card weekend before the real competition kicks in next round.

That said, after losing to Seattle with a backup quarterback as well as Arizona and the New York Giants over the final month of the season, nothing seems assured for a Philadelphia organization that raced from hubris to shell-shocked faster than Elon Musk’s latest innovation with Tesla.

After Sunday’s disappointing effort against the Giants in a 27-10 setback, embattled head coach Nick Sirianni embraced the idea of 0-0 and discarding the recent waste.

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni was practicing self-affirmation after a difficult loss to the Giants.

John McMullen/Eagles Today

“Obviously, we’re all going to be pissed off after this game,” Sirianni said after arguably the worst 60 minutes of football the Eagles have played since he became the head coach. “You still—yes, you have to flush it. Yes, you have to move on.

“You have to flush this last month.”

Sounds good but for those who endured it, perhaps easier said than done.

“We have a lot to fix; we have a lot to do better,” Pro Bowl center Jason Kelce admitted. “This is our worst stretch of football since Nick has been here and it is very, very frustrating.”

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Even the endlessly optimistic Brandon Graham had to admit the negativity assembling at the gates of the NovaCare Complex.

“There’s a lot of doubting,” the veteran assessed.

The good news – if there is any – is that the doubters can’t write the end of this story.

“Like I said, a lot of teams want to be in our position,” Sirianni said. “Everybody’s going 0-0 to start this thing off. Flush this game, but also learn from it just like you do every opportunity you get on the field.”

“That don’t matter,” Graham added when discussing those preparing eulogies. “It’s about how we handle what’s coming next. Right now, people [around the NFL] are going home and packing up their lockers. We’re still in this thing. We’ve got some life left. We’ve got some pride about us.”

Both Sirianni and quarterback Jalen Hurts used the term “belief” but right now that faith seems manufactured to the point that Sirianni was practicing self-affirmation from the podium in the bowels of MetLife Stadium.

“I mean, none of us are quitters,” the coach said. “We all get up off the mat when we’re down and we get up and we keep going. When you get hit in life, when you get hit in football, you’ve got two options: you can stay down, or you can get you can get up.

“I know this group is fighters, I know this group will get up. … that’s the reason all these guys are in that locker room because they know how to freaking fight. The coaches know how to freaking fight. The players know how to freaking fight. The staff know how to freaking fight. So, we’ll just get up and we’ll fight again.”

Therefore, the Philadelphia Eagles have been experiencing quite the rollercoaster this past season of the NFL. From a strong start with a 10-1 record to a disappointing finish at 11-6, the team seemed to hit a major roadblock along the way. This historic collapse is rarely seen in the NFL, with the exception of the 1986 New York Jets who experienced a similar downfall from a 10-1 record to finishing with five consecutive losses. Despite this setback, there is still hope for the Eagles as they prepare to face the Tampa Bay team in the finale of Wild Card weekend. After some disappointing losses, the team is well aware of the challenges ahead, with the need to regroup and refocus as they enter the next phase of the competition. The recent setbacks have put the team in a position of uncertainty, creating an uphill battle for the players and coaching staff. However, the team remains optimistic and determined to push forward despite the many doubts and challenges they face. Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni has emphasized the importance of learning from past mistakes and moving forward with renewed energy and focus. The overall mindset of the team is one of resilience and determination to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead. The players and staff are committed to putting in the hard work and effort needed to turn their season around and make a strong comeback. The belief in the team’s ability to bounce back is a driving force behind their determination to succeed. Despite the challenges they have faced, the Eagles are ready to face the next phase of the competition with courage and determination. As they gear up for a crucial game against Tampa Bay, the players are focused on pushing past the doubts and criticisms to emerge victorious. The team has shown remarkable strength and resilience in the face of adversity, and they are ready to prove their worth in the upcoming game. Overall, the Philadelphia Eagles have demonstrated their ability to rise above setbacks and maintain their fighting spirit. This perseverance and determination will serve them well as they step onto the field and give their all in the quest for victory.

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