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Sirianni Stands Firm: No Regrets Despite Criticism of Coaching Decision

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There is nothing wrong with the question. And given the circumstances, there is nothing wrong with the answer.

But when coach Nick Sirianni on Monday confirmed that the Philadelphia Eagles are sticking with the recently-crafted plan to have Matt Patricia serve as their de facto defensive coordinator and play-caller for the rest of the year while the demoted Sean Desai stands (relatively) idly by?

The answer remains unfulfilling to Eagles fans who wonder why, no matter what Sirianni has done with his staff change – and no matter whether critics term it a move born of boldness or of panic – Philly’s defense is stuck in “struggle mode.”

“Everything that I do, every decision that I make is with the thought of the team first and what is best for the team,” Sirianni said. “The adjustments that I made a couple weeks ago were in attempt to do what’s best for the team. I still believe that.”

We believe that as well. But as the Eagles are still allowing 25.1 points per game, fourth most in the NFL, capped by the recent embarrassment against lowly Arizona – In the upset loss to the Cardinals, the defense allowed 35 points, 449 total yards, 221 rushing yards and 32 first downs! – that doesn’t mean the move worked.


And yet … Sirianni said defensive assistant Patricia will continue calling plays on defense – because what else are they supposed to do? Re-promote Desai?

Maybe one more bothersome thing about all of this lingers … on the resume of all three coaches. And that popped up when Sirianni was asked whether he regrets making the change.

“No. No, I don’t,” Sirianni said. “I do believe in the guys that we have on the field. I do believe in the guys that we have, the defensive coaches.”

Yeah, but … he obviously didn’t “believe” in Desai. And now? What reason is there to believe in Patricia?

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Desai was the coordinator for 13 games. The Eagles allowed 24.7 points per game with him in charge. The “big move” to Patricia? The Eagles are actually worse off, as they’ve allowed 26.7 points per game.

In the end – barring a 180 from this 11-5 Eagles team likely bound for a Wild Card start to the playoffs (and yes, Philly might be “miserable” but it’s also talented enough to win in the postseason) – what Sirianni actually has on his hands regarding his staff?

Not one, but two lame-duck defensive coordinators – a situation that might be unprecedented in NFL history. And while we understand why Sirianni can’t say otherwise … “No regrets” is a lie.

Or, at least, it had better be.

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