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Reviewing Matt Patricia’s First Game: The Eagles Film Analysis of the Ups and Downs

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Last week, I strongly criticized Sean Desai’s defense, finding that I disagreed with some of the decisions he made. It seems that my opinion was shared by others as well, as reports indicate that Desai was essentially replaced as defensive coordinator by Matt Patricia. While the defense remains Desai’s, there have been some changes. In the following paragraphs, I will provide an in-depth analysis of the Eagles’ defense, dissecting both its strengths and weaknesses.

I was largely satisfied with the Eagles’ defense in the first three quarters of their last game. However, their performance on 3rd and long situations continued to be an area of frustration. On one such play at the start of the second drive, the decision to drop Haason Reddick into coverage and blitz Bradley Roby seemed to be an unnecessary risk. As Reddick is the best pass rusher on the team, the choice to use him in this way seemed to be questionable and overly complex. I believe the Eagles overthought their approach and attempted to outsmart the opposing team, ultimately to their detriment.

While there were various changes in the defensive strategy, Sydney Brown emerged as a standout player and a personal favorite to watch. His speed and skill in run defense were particularly impressive. However, I am still uncertain about his role as a cornerback in the Eagles’ defense due to his limitations in coverage. Nonetheless, his contributions to the team have been significant, and I look forward to seeing more of him in the games to come.

As for the linebacker positions, the Eagles’ lack of talent in that area has been a cause for concern. Their struggle in run defense, especially against heavier personnel, has been evident. The team’s innovative rotation approach in a recent game led to varied lineups and some perplexing strategies, most notably involving the positioning of Haason Reddick and Fletcher Cox. Although there were some interesting tweaks to the defense, it became evident that deficiencies in run defense still persisted.

The emergence of Kelee Ringo has been particularly notable, as his performance has been impressive on both run support and coverage. In comparison to the rest of the secondary, Ringo’s speed and agility stood out. His proficiency in coverage suggests that he may be a better option compared to more experienced players like Bradberry.

I believe that the defense exhibited several promising developments in a recent game. I particularly appreciated their use of Banjo coverage, which effectively countered the opposing team’s offensive strategies. The defensive lineup showed potential for further improvements, notably the successful execution of certain plays. However, certain players’ performances, such as Shaq Leonard’s, have been disappointing, necessitating reevaluation of the team’s lineup.

Despite Fletcher Cox’s strong season overall, there have been some issues within the team’s run defense. The recent decline in their performance has been concerning, especially when attempting to overcome deficiencies at the linebacker positions. It seems clear that improvements need to be made to achieve a more balanced team dynamic.

In conclusion, the Eagles’ defense presents a mixed picture. While the emergence of promising talents like Sydney Brown and Kelee Ringo has been significant, there are evident weaknesses in run defense and certain positions that need to be addressed. I believe that with a more balanced lineup and strategic interventions, the team can strive for greater success in future games.

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