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Raiders Seek Interviews with Ed Dodds and Adam Peters for GM Position

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Ed Dodds is believed to have impressed the Raiders during his 2022 interview for their general manager post. Two years later, the Colts executive could have another chance.

The Raiders requested another meeting with Dodds, according to NFL.com’s Tom Pelissero. Additionally, Las Vegas wants to meet with San Francisco assistant GM Adam Peters, per ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter.

Given his role in the 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan-era run, Peters has been expected to be a hot commodity for a bit. Dodds’ inclusion here, however, is interesting. Mark Davis was impressed with Dodds during his previous meeting with the Colts’ assistant GM, but he went with a Patriot Way duo. After bailing on the Dave ZieglerJosh McDaniels pairing midway through its second season in charge, Davis is reassessing once again.

These interview requests come as the league has learned of the team’s interest in Jim Harbaugh. Considering Harbaugh’s past and polarizing reputation among front offices, the Raiders could be set for a complicated search. Michigan’s natural interest in retaining the top-tier college HC will undoubtedly lead to the former 49ers leader setting both a high salary price and seeking to have a significant say in personnel matters. Both the Raiders and Chargers have shown steady interest in Harbaugh, who is believed to be intrigued by both jobs.

Dodds has been on Chris Ballard‘s Colts staff for the past seven years. While the Colts struggled for a while to pick up the pieces post-Andrew Luck, they built what has been regarded at points as a high-end talent stable around their evolving cast of QBs. Dodds has been a central figure in Indianapolis and has been part of GM interview cycles previously. In addition to the Raiders’ 2022 interest, Dodds turned down a Bears interview request that year. He interviewed with the Steelers in 2022 and Panthers in 2021.

Like Dodds, Peters has been with his current team since 2017. The 49ers brought him over after an eight-year stay in Denver. Peters also turned down the chance to interview for the Cardinals and Titans’ GM jobs last year. He has been mentioned as a John Lynch heir apparent in San Francisco, but after Lynch turned down Amazon in 2022, it is not known if the Hall of Fame safety-turned-exec is eyeing an exit anytime soon. Peters, whom the 49ers elevated to assistant GM in 2021, collected a Super Bowl ring for his Broncos work. In Denver throughout Peyton Manning‘s stay, Peters did join the Broncos during McDaniels’ short stint. That is certainly relevant due to the Raiders showing interest, but Peters has proven successful for a long time since the Broncos fired McDaniels.

Peters is also set to interview with the Commanders, who present an interesting opportunity due to the team’s league-leading cap-space figure and new ownership being in place. Both the Raiders and Commanders have been connected to being interested in hiring a football ops president-level staffer, which would seemingly reduce the GM’s power. That will be something to monitor, as Davis confirmed recently he is interested in such a position. Interim GM Champ Kelly is also on the radar to stay, so it would be quite surprising if the two-year Raiders staffer did not receive an interview. Kelly, however, is also expected to draw outside interest.

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