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Philadelphia Makes Final Decision to Change Coaching Staff

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Philadelphia Makes Final Decision to Change Coaching Staff

The Philadelphia Eagles rumors are heating up regarding possible coaching changes, but some fans may be frustrated to learn no moves are coming. In particular, head coach Nick Sirianni was asked about changes with offensive coordinator Brian Johnson. Sirianni made Eagles news by shooting down the notion of taking over play-calling duties or making a change at the coordinator level.

“No,” Sirianni said shortly when asked about offensive changes during a December 12, 2023 media session.

Sirianni was then pressed for more details on his rationale. The Eagles coach pointed to the team’s 10-3 record and pathway to a high playoff seed as an indication that Philadelphia can turn things around.

“Yeah, I feel good with the people that we have in this building,” Sirianni added. “We’re 10-3. We’re in control of our own destiny, and we’re going to keep rolling and finding answers with the people that we have.”

Eagles News: Philadelphia Will Not Be Making a Change With Defensive Coordinator Sean Desai

It is the defense that may be more concerning for the Eagles, particularly against the pass. Philly ranks 28th in the NFL allowing 259.9 passing yards per contest.

Like Johnson, Sirianni backed defensive coordinator Sean Desai moving forward. Yet, the Eagles coach was critical of the team’s inability to get stops on third down as one of the main issues.

“Yeah, total confidence,” Sirianni said of Desai. “Obviously, that’s why we hired him for the job. That’s why I hired him for the job in Sean. And I think where it is, the yards pile up on you when you’re giving up some third downs.

“And again, the problem’s everywhere there, right? Where we are on third down is we got to coach ’em better. We got to put ’em in better spots. We got to detail it out for them, and we also got to execute better. So, I think everybody’s in on that. I think that this is a team game.”

Eagles Rumors: Philadelphia Is Being Pushed to Hire Frank Reich

With the Carolina Panthers firing Frank Reich in November, there has been some thought that the Eagles could bring back the team’s former offensive coordinator. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Marcus Hayes is pushing the team to hire Reich as a consultant, even if owner Jeffrey Lurie has to intervene.

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“It’s a ticklish situation, but if Sirianni is squeamish, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie should step in and make the call,” Hayes wrote in a December 12 column “The Eagles should hire Frank Reich to save their season.” “After all, it was Lurie who decided to hire Sirianni. He also decided that Brian Johnson would be the best mentor for Hurts.

“He also hired Doug Pederson, who won a Super Bowl, and Andy Reid, currently the best coach in the league. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that’s Lurie is pretty good at evaluating coaching talent.”

From the sounds of Sirianni’s comments, it does not sound like help is on the way from Reich or anybody else. Sirianni made a point to say the solution is “in this building.” Time will tell if the Eagles coach is right.


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