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Philadelphia Eagles: NFL Executives Favor Bill Belichick for Coaching Position

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Let’s talk about the Philadelphia Eagles links… Bill Belichick’s best match could be with the Philadelphia Eagles – Washington Post

Conversations with two general managers, two well-connected personnel executives, and three coaching agents, who do not represent Belichick but are working with multiple clients being considered in this cycle, revealed skepticism regarding Belichick’s potential future with the Atlanta Falcons. However, none of the seven, who need to maintain relationships inside the league, was surprised that Belichick would meet with an owner like Arthur Blank. They believe that he could be determining his market value and price point at a time when more head coaching jobs are expected to open on top of the seven existing vacancies. Of all the current and potential options, the seven individuals all believed one made the most sense for Belichick entering his age 72 season: the Philadelphia Eagles. In fact, it wasn’t all that close. They believed both that Belichick would fit best in Philadelphia of all the potential destinations, and that this was the kind of bold move Eagles GM Howie Roseman and owner Jeffrey Lurie would make in pursuit of another Lombardi Trophy as soon as possible.

The top NFL head coaching candidates, ranked – SB Nation
No. 2: Bill Belichick. On the one hand: It’s Bill Belichick. A first-ballot selection for Canton, and arguably the greatest head coach in NFL history. On the other hand: Did you see the Patriots the past few seasons? In many ways, the struggles in New England the past few years were brought about in whole or in part by Belichick the GM, and not Belichick the head coach. When you consider that their entire 2019 draft class is either playing somewhere else — or is out of the league entirely — and when you add in missing on the first-round quarterback as they did with Mac Jones, it is hard to be competitive. And certainly Belichick deserves a ton of credit for some of the other personnel moves he made along the way. After all, you do not build two different dynasties in the free agency/salary cap era without making some good decisions. But what will it look like for Belichick when he is prowling a new sideline? Will the “Patriot Way” work somewhere else? What happens if he steps into a new head coaching role and suddenly has a new GM above him? So while he is again perhaps the greatest head coach in history, there are some questions that need to be addressed when pondering his future.

Report: Nick Sirianni, Howie Roseman reaching out to evaluate potential Eagles coordinator candidates [UPDATE] – BGN

Assuming Sirianni is back, changes will be coming at the coordinator level. Especially at defensive coordinator, where the move from Sean Desai to Matt Patricia proved disastrous. Offensive coordinator Brian Johnson may have a better chance of returning. Of course, hiring a new coordinator or two does not simply solve all of the Eagles’ problems that resulted in a 1-6 finish over the final seven games. Many of those issues stemmed from the head coach himself; Sirianni must be significantly better in 2024.

Shane Haff and Jonny Page share their offensive and defensive takeaways from the Eagles Wild Card Round loss to the Bucs.

Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni – PhillyVoice
When given another chance to endorse his head coach during locker room cleanout day, Hurts said that he has confidence in Sirianni, although he did not give a ringing endorsement like some of his other teammates did. If the Eagles fire Sirianni, they will likely not be a desirable landing spot for some head coaching candidates, for two main reasons.

This doesn’t make anything official, but it points to Sirianni coming back. His meeting with Jeffrey Lurie will be crucial. Sirianni gave generic answers in his press conferences. He will have to give detailed answers to Lurie.

Weighing fifth-year options for 2021 NFL Draft’s first-round selections: Who merits further commitment? – NFL.com

DEVONTA SMITH. Exercise the option? Yes. Smith has been overshadowed at times by A.J. Brown, but he’s arguably a No. 1 receiver in his own right. He proved that in each season — and did so again in the Eagles’ wild-card loss to the Bucs with eight receptions for 148 yards, the most in a single postseason game in franchise history. The 6-foot, 170-pounder is an ultra-talented and tough wideout who has racked up 3,178 career receiving yards and 19 touchdowns.

Like everyone else, Hurts wasn’t good enough down the stretch – NBCSP
There are a lot of reasons for the Eagles’ collapse over the last couple of months. The defense forgot how to tackle or cover. Offensive play calling was predictable and mundane. Turnovers, penalties, mistakes, missed assignments. You name it. And we have to include Jalen Hurts in that conversation. He wasn’t awful. He just wasn’t good enough. In 11 games through the Bills win, Hurts had 29 total touchdowns and 10 interceptions, 68 percent accuracy, and was averaging 245 passing yards per game with a 94.9 passer rating. In seven games from the 49ers on, he had nine total TDs, five INTs, completed 62 percent of his passes, averaged 202 yards per game, and had an 81.4 passer rating.

Prickly Eagles veteran flips out over Nick Sirianni question: ‘You a clown, bro’ – NJ.com
Reporter: “Have you, you know, gotten any wind on what’s going to happen with Nick? Do you have confidence that if you do come back, confidence in him that if he is still head coach?”
Cox: “Like any news about … what about Nick?”
Reporter: “I mean, there’s obviously some speculation about whether he may be fired or not.”
Cox: “Huh?”
Reporter: “Yeah.”
Cox: “C’mon, man. Man, he’s the head football coach of this team, man. C’mon man, that ain’t even no (expletive) discussion about that, man.”

D’Andre Swift on Eagles return: Time will tell – PFT
Swift is set for free agency after running 229 times for 1,049 yards and five touchdowns during the regular season. He also caught 39 passes for 214 yards and a touchdown, but said “time will tell” if he will be retained.

These latest developments in the Philadelphia Eagles’s coaching staff and key player evaluation point to significant changes and make considering Belichick’s potential move to the Eagles relevant. Philadelphia Eagles fans and NFL analysts can wait and hope to see what unfolds in the next seasons and what changes can be expected.

These developments are crucial for Eagles analysts to understand what’s coming
up for the Philly team. The remarks from seven football insiders and the most recent news give the fans and analysts an idea of what can be expected. Will the “Patriot Way” work in the Eagles’s set up? How will switching coaching staff impact the team’s future? The outcome will be seen and analyzed in the coming seasons, with game-play, coach strategies, and team management all under scrutiny. The Philadelphia Eagles are about to enter a period of great change, and their coaching staff, in particular, seems to be tested.

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