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Opportunity for the Eagles to Rebound in Dallas

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What was the message in the locker room after the game?

“Stay focused” is what veteran defensive end Brandon Graham said in the locker room following Sunday’s loss to the 49ers.  

That is all the Eagles can do.  

Going 1-0 each week has been the mantra over the past few seasons and it remains the same even after a loss.  

“The good thing about the regular season is you take a loss, but we get the chance to line up and play another good team next week,” defensive tackle Fletcher Cox said.  

That team happens to be the NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys, who have won four games in a row. 

The Eagles will look to bounce back going into Dallas Week. 

“I know that we are going to give our best shot in practice this week,” Graham said. “We are going to keep working. We are 10-2. Alright, let’s get it. The main goal is winning every week.” 

Even after Sunday’s 23-point home loss to the 49ers, the main thing is still the main thing.  

At his locker, wide receiver A.J. Brown was asked how long it takes for him and the team to get over a loss of this magnitude.  

“You have no choice,” Brown said. “We have a big opponent coming up next week on the road against Dallas. You have to put your big boy pants on, not everything is going to go your way every single time. We have to focus on Dallas, clean up the mistakes, and continue to grow.” 

This is not the first time the Eagles have suffered a tough loss this season. 

In Week 6, they turned the ball over four times in a 20-14 loss to the New York Jets.  

There was no moping around. Once that clock hit zero, the focus shifted to the following week, where the Eagles beat a high-powered Miami Dolphins offense.  

The scene was almost identical on Sunday. As soon as the game ended, it was about looking ahead to next week and how they will respond against the highest-scoring team in the NFL.  

“The thing I do know about this team, that makes us so special, is the way that we respond,” Cox said. “We will take a break, come in and fix things, and get ready for the next game.”  

After the only other loss this season, the Eagles won five straight games, including wins over the Dolphins, Cowboys, Chiefs, and Bills, all top teams in the league.  

The Eagles will once again look to string consecutive wins together coming off a loss, and it all starts in Dallas on Sunday Night Football. 

“Nothing is changing in that process,” Jalen Hurts said. “Keep the main thing the main thing. Staying true to who we are and learning from it. Win, lose, or draw, it’s always a deep, deep, dive into what we can be better at. Looking ourselves in the mirror and responding to the mistakes that we made and also to the successes that we had.” – Written by Owen Boyle

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