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Michael Strahan passionately addresses the crowd during intense trophy ceremony

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Michael Strahan is a solid pregame show host. For more than a decade he’s been a part of Fox broadcasts, prepping us for the game like all the other player-turned-analysts we’ve seen before.

Michael Strahan is a solid morning show host. For four years he showed up like a jacked Regis Philbin to chat with Kelly Ripa and it was mostly fine.

Michael Strahan is a terrible postgame ceremony host. Sunday’s presentation of the George Halas Trophy, awarded to the San Francisco 49ers after winning the NFC title game over the Detroit Lions, was proof.

Strahan was generally a mess start to finish. He seemingly had no control over his voice, shouting to the viewers at home as though he were eternally bombarded by planes flying just overhead. He misquoted the score of the game. Perhaps most egregiously, he reduced Niners legend Joe Montana to an on-stage prop rather than allowing him to congratulate the team he once guided to four world championships.

It was all a bit of a mess, but that in itself is a Fox tradition. Last year, we saw Terry Bradshaw bloviate his way through the Philadelphia Eagles’ title celebration. Needless to say, those who were still tuned in weren’t happy to have the celebration interrupted with an on-the-fly audition for America’s next forgettable game show.

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