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Micah Parsons Expresses Doubts About Eagles, Makes Playoff Prediction vs. Bucs

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It would have once been unthinkable for a star player to host a podcast making NFL predictions the week that his team was also slated to play in a postseason game themselves. 

But times have changed, and even as the Dallas Cowboys prepare to host the Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon, All-Pro defender Micah Parsons made predictions on how the rest of the playoff field — including Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — will play out. 

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Parsons — a Penn State product who roots for the Phillies and Sixers — didn’t diss the Eagles, but ultimately predicted that Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers will come out victorious Monday evening at Raymond James Stadium. 

“I don’t know too much about the Eagles right now, especially with Jalen’s finger,” Parsons acknowledged on his ‘The Edge’ podcast. “Baker Mayfield has been playing good ball. Their defense has been playing great ball. We have to go Bucs. But I think the Eagles have more talent. They could get through this adversity. They could easily beat the Bucs.” 

On one hand, Parsons is correct to acknowledge that the Eagles are the more talented team than the Bucs, while also being perplexed at the state of a team that lost five of their final six regular season games after starting 10-1. 

On the other hand, we’re going to guess that he didn’t do a deep dive on the final two games of Tampa Bay’s season. After going on a four-game winning streak that allowed them to seize control of the lowly NFC South, the Buccaneers limped to the finish themselves, even if it wasn’t as ugly as the fashion the Eagles did. The Buccaneers laid an egg at home against the New Orleans Saints in Week 17, losing 23-13. They did ultimately win in Week 18 to clinch the division title, but did so in about the least convincing style imaginable, beating the Carolina Panthers 9-0. 

The Eagles have injury concerns with the likes of Hurts and their top receiving duo of A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith. But a right ankle injury also hindered Mayfield down the stretch of the regular season. The Wild Card matchup being on Monday may help Mayfield because he’ll have an extra day of treatment and rest, but he likely won’t be at 100 percent until after Tampa Bay’s season concludes. 

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But for however out of the loop Parsons may be on the current state of the Buccaneers, it’s hard to argue with his conclusion on the game. The Eagles posted a -59 point differential over their last six regular season games, and concluded the slate with embarrassing losses to the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants. Why is anyone to believe coach Nick Sirianni’s squad will be able to flip the switch now that the postseason is here?

The Wild Card matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is one of the most anticipated games of the NFL postseason. However, speculation and predictions surrounding the outcome of the game are already heavily discussed among NFL fans and analysts.

You see, Parsons, a Penn State product with an affinity for the Phillies and Sixers, has never shied away from expressing his opinions, especially when it comes to NFL predictions. Although he has made his predictions part of his podcast, ‘The Edge,’ he understands that his role as a player in the NFL does not affect his opinion as a fan of the sport.

As a player for the Dallas Cowboys, Parsons is well-aware that his comments on the Buccaneers and the Eagles could cause controversy, but he stands by his grounds. His prediction for the game on Monday evening at Raymond James Stadium leans in favor of the Buccaneers, citing the strong momentum that Mayfield and the rest of the team have had in their recent performances.

It is obvious that Parsons hasn’t conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Buccaneers’ recent games, particularly their late-season performances. Despite ending their regular season with a win against the Carolina Panthers, the Buccaneers have exhibited inconsistencies and vulnerabilities that could play to the advantage of the Eagles. For example, the Eagles have injury concerns with his finger, Devonta Smith, and A.J. Brown.

Parson’s prediction and analysis are noteworthy but overlook the possibility that the Buccaneers might not be in top form, given their recent performances. However, it is hard to ignore that the Eagles have also faced significant struggles in their final six games of the regular season. The Eagles lost five of the six games and concluded their regular season with embarrassing losses to the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants. It is unclear if coach Nick Sirianni’s squad will be able to perform better in the playoffs, given their shaky performance in the regular season.

The uncertainties surrounding both teams make it a compelling matchup to watch and analyze. Parsons’ prediction highlights the unpredictability of the game and the potential for unexpected outcomes. However, this uncertainty also reflects the excitement and suspense surrounding the Wild Card matchup between the Buccaneers and the Eagles.

While Parsons’ opinion may align with the projections and analyses of other NFL fans and analysts, it should be acknowledged that the unpredictability of the game makes it difficult to form a definitive conclusion. With the game approaching, the anticipation and excitement continue to grow, and NFL fans are eager to see how the Wild Card matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will unfold.

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