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Jalen Hurts Vows to Improve Eagles’ Performance, Should Nick Be Fired?

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Jalen Hurts Vows to Improve Eagles’ Performance, Should Nick Be Fired?

A historic end-of-season collapse, questions surrounding the coaching staff, and anonymous sources running rampant.

There’s a reason why fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are hoping for a coaching change.

Jalen Hurts’ Backing of Sirianni Grows Stronger: A Wealth of Confidence

Despite the impressive record through three seasons, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni isn’t safe after his team lost six of seven games to end the 2023-24 season including a 32-9 blowout loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Even with all the concerns that have come from Sirianni’s staff, the Athletic’s latest report regarding the head coach searching for additional coordinators is a sign that he might – might – be safe going into 2024.

It might just be the right decision for owner Jeffrey Lurrie to make as well.

One of the biggest reasons why the Eagles are wise to keep Sirianni in the fold is that the locker room continues to defend the head coach. Whether it was Fletcher Cox, Jason Kelce, or Jordan Maitala, almost every Eagle has stated that they support Sirianni as the team’s head coach.

Three Reasons Why Eskin is Incorrect about ‘Belicheat’ and Lurie’s Departure

Even quarterback Jalen Hurts, who hadn’t openly defended his head coach to this point, made it clear that he was preparing for an offseason with the current offensive staff in place.

Eagles’ Core Four Set to Break Up: The End of an Era

“I was asked that question the other day about that and what’d I say? I didn’t know that was a thing,” Hurts said in locker room cleanout Wednesday. “I had no idea that was a thing, so I don’t see why that would be the case. We plan on fixing everything that we’ve done and growing together, coach Sirianni, (offensive coordinator) Brian (Johnson), everyone.”

Growth is a word that few want to hear when talking about the Philadelphia Eagles, but it is a completely fair reason for Sirianni’s blueprint to stay with the team.

When the organization promoted Brian Johnson last year after Shane Steichen left to take the head job with the Indianapolis Colts, most understood that Johnson was calling plays in the NFL for the first time.

Sources: Eagles center Jason Kelce plans to retire, according to AP

He would need a chance to grow from his first-year experiences.

Sirianni may not be in his first year with the team, but allowing him to grow and adapt his offensive system is something that the Eagles did not allow Andy Reid or Doug Pederson to do when they were fired over the last decade.

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Patience can be the best virtue to have when building a team and a stable organization. So long as the locker room continues to have the coaching staff’s back, there’s a very strong reason to stay the course with Sirianni and Johnson.

This also isn’t to say that changes aren’t coming. Philadelphia will have a new defensive coordinator next year, and one with legitimate experience running top defenses. An addition of a potential pass-game coordinator to modernize the Eagles’ offense certainly wouldn’t hurt either.

All of this is to say that there is a good chance that Nick Sirianni is returning for his fourth season as Eagles head coach. Not everybody will like that… at least not until that “growth” and that “fix” is realized.

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