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Jalen Hurts refuses to speak in favor of Nick Sirianni in Eagles news

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Jalen Hurts refuses to speak in favor of Nick Sirianni in Eagles news

See what’s being said around the Philadelphia Eagles news nation.

Jalen Hurts’ lukewarm endorsement of Nick Sirianni may be the final nail in the Eagles coach’s coffin – Inquirer

Is Philadelphia giving up? Aikman criticizes Eagles’ effort

Jalen Hurts is often a tough read, but he revealed plenty by what he didn’t say when given the opportunity to endorse Nick Sirianni. Asked if he wanted the Eagles coach back, Hurts said, “I didn’t know he was going anywhere.” Told that there has been rampant speculation that Sirianni’s job was in jeopardy, Hurts said, “I didn’t know that.” And then when asked whether he had confidence in him to fix the Eagles’ late-season free fall — that landed with a thud at Raymond James Stadium — the quarterback said, “I have a ton of confidence in everyone in this building.” All that was missing from Hurts’ three dodges was a rooster’s crow. Owner Jeffrey Lurie will have the final decision on Sirianni’s future after the Eagles lost six of their final seven games, lastly a 32-9 embarrassment to the Buccaneers in the first round of the postseason. But when your $255 million franchise quarterback can’t summon the words to defend his coach, it seems a foregone conclusion that Sirianni won’t be back for a fourth season — just one year after he nearly guided the Eagles to a second Super Bowl title. [BLG Note: Hurts could’ve been much more effusive about Sirianni if he really wanted to be.]

Philadelphia Eagles eliminated in Wild Card loss to Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 32-9: Recap

This Nick Sirianni quote from early September looks awfully damning now – BGN

Listening to Jeff McLane’s “unCovering the Birds” podcast about Nick Sirianni and his role in the Eagles’ collapse this past Friday, I was struck by a quote that was shared. Sirianni said the following during a recorded phone call with McLane back on September 5, five days before the Eagles’ 2023 season opener.

BGN Instant Reaction Show – Wild Card Round: Eagles fall to Bucs, 32-9 – BGN Radio

The Eagles were eliminated from the playoffs by losing to the Bucs, 32-9 in the Wild Card Round. Jess Taylor and Shane Haff share their thoughts on the Eagles’ embarrassing loss.

PhillyVoice – Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Buccaneers playoff game

Eagles fans have searched for where the blame should fall on the Eagles’ offensive woes to close the season. Is it Nick Sirianni? It’s his offense that the team is running. Is it Brian Johnson? He’s the one calling the plays. Is it Jalen Hurts? He’s the one running the offense on the field. The answer to all three questions is “Yes.”

Glad It’s Over – Iggles Blitz

My biggest takeaway from this weekend of football…hungry teams had success. Think about young teams like Houston and Green Bay. Think about the Lions. Think about the Bills. These teams had an edge to them. Teams that were soft got sent packing. Dallas, Miami…Philly. I’m talking about mentally, physically, and emotionally soft. The Eagles didn’t face adversity in 2022. When it hit them this season, they melted like butter. James Bradberry tackled like he was in a preseason game tonight. Only it was the postseason. Jalen Hurts took a safety on a play where he’s got to throw the ball away. He’s too smart to do that, but he did it. Soft. The Eagles kept thinking they could flip the switch at the end of the season. Uh, they couldn’t even find the switch. They had no answers. None. This is a talented roster. They have talent in a lot of key spots. It is crazy to think about them going 1-5 to close the regular season and then losing 32-9 to the Bucs in the playoffs. Disappointing doesn’t begin to describe that.

Pause and Reflect on the Cowboys’ Historically Embarrassing Playoff Defeat

Roob’s Observations: Eagles finish epic collapse with loss to Buccaneers – NBCSP

The performance we’ve seen by this defense lately has been just horrifying. This is a Buccaneers team that struggled to score nine points last weekend in a must-win game against a 2-15 Panthers team. The Eagles held them to 174 yards and 11 points in September. They had surpassed those numbers by the middle of the second quarter Monday night. Obviously, the coordinator change has been a catastrophe. At least the Eagles had some impressive wins when Sean Desai was their defensive coordinator. And when they got embarrassed, it was the 49ers and Cowboys. Under Patricia, it’s everybody. Guys running around with no idea where they’re supposed to go, what their assignment is, what their teammates are about to do. The missed tackles became an epidemic late in the season. The coverage breakdowns. The blown assignments. And it wasn’t Mike Evans or Chris Godwin on Monday. It was Cade Otton. It was David Moore. It was Trey Palmer. The Eagles couldn’t stop any of them. Howie Roseman has a heck of a lot of work to do this offseason because the Eagles need speed, physicality, and playmaking at every level on defense. James Bradberry has to go. Nick Morrow has to go. Kevin Byard, Shaq Leonard, Bradley Roby, Zach Cunningham – they all have to go. This was just unconscionable stuff we saw Monday night from a bottom-10 offense and a journeyman quarterback. The Bucs finished with 426 yards, 23 first downs, 46 percent on third down, and Baker Mayfield threw for 337 yards and three TDs. Of course, the Eagles didn’t force any turnovers. The worst defensive stretch in Eagles history? That’s saying a lot. There were stretches in 1967, 2012, and 2015 that were truly wretched. And that 1937 defense, yikes. But this was worse than all of them. There’s never been a defense in Eagles history that’s fallen to pieces week after week like this group has the last two months.

VIDEO: Unveiling the High School Style Offense of the Philadelphia Eagles: Insights from Brett Kollman

What’s next for the Eagles? – PFT

It all comes down to what owner Jeffrey Lurie wants. He’ll be making his decision with full knowledge that the greatest coach in NFL history is available to anyone who wants him. Already, Bill Belichick has interviewed with the Falcons. All eyes have been trained on Dallas since the Cowboys were embarrassed by the Packers, for the possible firing of coach Mike McCarthy — possibly followed by the hiring of Belichick. If Lurie thinks his one chance at Belichick could quickly come and go, will Lurie make the move? It could be that he’d only fire Sirianni if he believes Belichick would take the job. Formal searches notwithstanding, plenty of these arrangements are made behind the scenes. If Lurie knows he wants Belichick and if Lurie knows Belichick wants the job, it’s just a matter of activating the process by creating a vacancy.

SB Nation – The Eagles lost more than just a playoff game against the Buccaneers

Kelce leaving the game will not stop him from making a positive impact. The Eagles, meanwhile, are now tasked with replacing a franchise legend — one of several questions they will be facing heading into the 2024 offseason. Their loss to the Buccaneers was therefore more than just a playoff exit too early for the team’s liking. It also marked the end of an era.

NFL.com – The First Read, Divisional Round: Biggest immediate question for advancing/eliminated NFL playoff teams

Philadelphia’s collapse was epic in too many ways to summarize here. The first question to ask is apparent: How did a team that once sat at 10-1, only one season removed from a Super Bowl appearance, drop six of its last seven games, including Monday night’s 32-9 loss to Tampa Bay? The next question after that is even more critical: Is there a simple way to fix all that was broken? It doesn’t feel that way today. The Eagles have defensive problems that require serious personnel changes, especially in the secondary and at linebacker. They might have to say farewell to some veteran leaders, including center Jason Kelce, defensive end Brandon Graham, and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. The coaching situation needs to be addressed on both sides of the football as well, as the departures of former coordinators Shane Steichen and Jonathan Gannon eventually caught up with the team. This is no longer a situation where the executive vice president/general manager Howie Roseman can simply pull off some impressive personnel moves and wait for this team to start dominating. There’s still plenty of talent on the roster, but a team once known for clutch play and strong leadership lost its identity in a wave of frustrating losses and sub-par performances.

In conclusion, the Philadelphia Eagles are facing a time of great uncertainty and change. With the disappointing end to their season, questions are being asked about the leadership on the team and if the current coaching staff is capable of turning things around. The upcoming offseason will be a critical time for the organization as they consider making significant changes to their roster and coaching staff. The decisions made in the coming months will have a lasting impact on the future of the franchise.

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