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Is Jalen Hurts in Need of Improving His Delivery Speed?

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PHILADELPHIA – How quickly does the NFL move?

Consider the 10-2 Philadelphia Eagles. They have been at the top of the NFL standings for 31 consecutive regular-season weeks and counting. But, after suffering a 42-19 loss at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers, former quarterback David Carr espoused a theory that backup Marcus Mariota is better equipped to help Nick Sirianni right the ship in the short term.

Carr is advocating for Mariota to replace the injured starting quarterback Jalen Hurts, despite Hurts’ impressive record before the Niners game. Some argue that Hurts’ critics react irrationally to any constructive criticism, while others acknowledge that there is a fine balance between the football getting out on time vs. Hurts’ ability to make off-schedule plays, which is a constant give-and-take inside the NovaCare Complex.

HurtsAdelphia – Great Jalen Hurts and Da Birds gear

Hurts’ performance against the 49ers once again brought attention to his tendency to hold onto the ball for longer periods compared to previous seasons. Hurts’ ability to make plays off schedule is important, but maintaining a balance is crucial, as observed by Sirianni. The coach stressed that Jalen has made improvements but finding a balance can be tough.

Jalen Hurts has regressed this season when it comes to the football getting out quickly.USA Today

There is also a focus on the progression of specific plays, where judgments on film can be difficult to make. For example, it was pointed out that others were part of certain plays but weren’t initially part of the reads, and a poor exchange between center Jason Kelce and Hurts affected a potential play. These examples highlight the complexity involved in quarterback decision-making and execution.

For Hurts, the need to find a balance and return to the standards set in 2022 is crucial, especially as the Eagles head into the final stretch of the season.

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