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Getting to Know Eagles’ Rookie Johnny Wilson: 6 Key Facts

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In the 2024 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles bolstered their receiving corps by selecting Johnny Wilson. To gain further insights into the newest addition to Philly’s roster, I connected with SB Nation’s Florida State blog, Tomahawk Nation. Florida State writer Jordan Silversmith graciously shared his thoughts in response to my inquiries.


1) Can you recap his college career?

Johnny Wilson’s collegiate journey was unconventional. Initially starting at Arizona State, he faced challenges within the coaching staff that limited his opportunities. With just 16 receptions in his time at Arizona State, Wilson made a pivotal decision to transfer to Florida State and joined a prestigious recruiting class alongside Trey Benson and Jared Verse.

Upon arriving in Tallahassee, Wilson quickly established himself as a primary target in the Seminoles’ offense. His imposing 6’7″ frame made him a valuable asset, excelling in both run blocking and making explosive downfield plays. During the 2022 season, Wilson showcased his ability by averaging over 20 yards per reception in eight out of 13 games.

One of his standout performances occurred early in the season when he amassed 149 yards and two touchdowns, leading the team to victory in the absence of the injured Jordan Travis. However, his role shifted in the following season as new additions to the team affected his production, resulting in fewer receptions and missed games due to injury.

Despite the challenges, Wilson remained a threat on the field, consistently delivering big plays and serving as a reliable target in critical moments. His impact on the Seminoles’ offense was significant, helping to revitalize the team under Mike Norvell’s leadership.

2) What are his strengths?

Wilson’s greatest asset is his combination of size and speed, posing a significant challenge for opposing defenses. His ability to outmaneuver defenders and excel in contested catches made him a key target for deep passes and back-shoulder fades. Additionally, Wilson’s proficiency in run blocking contributed to the Seminoles’ ground game, earning praise for his consistent performance in that aspect.

Furthermore, Wilson demonstrated strong chemistry with the team’s quarterbacks, often stepping up in crucial moments to deliver game-changing plays. His impact was particularly notable in critical matchups where he showcased his reliability as a go-to receiver, showcasing his value on the field.

However, Wilson faced challenges with drops early in his career and at times struggled to create separation with his routes, relying heavily on his size advantage. Some skepticism existed regarding his position at the professional level, with concerns about his transition to the NFL.

3) What are his weaknesses?

Wilson’s main weaknesses revolved around his inconsistency in catching routine passes and occasional stiffness in his route running. While his size and physicality were assets, his struggles with drops and route precision raised concerns among evaluators. Some teams viewed him as a potential tweener, questioning his fit as a wide receiver versus a tight end at the next level.

4) Are you surprised where he was drafted? Higher or lower than expected? Just right?

Wilson’s selection in the sixth round came as a surprise, considering his talent and productivity in college. Initially projected to be taken earlier in the draft, Wilson’s fall may have been influenced by uncertainties regarding his positional fit and ability to consistently perform at the professional level. While some may have expected him to be drafted sooner, his ultimate placement in the sixth round reflects the cautious approach of NFL teams.

5) How do you see his NFL career playing out?

The trajectory of Wilson’s NFL career remains uncertain, given the unpredictable nature of late-round picks. Despite entering a team with established Pro Bowl wide receivers, Wilson’s unique attributes offer him potential opportunities to succeed in the league. His size and skill set make him a valuable asset, capable of carving out a niche role as a red-zone threat and dependable blocker.

6) Anything to know about him off the field?

Off the field, Wilson is known for his reserved demeanor and limited interactions with the media. While he may not seek the spotlight, his calm approach and team-oriented mindset align well with his teammates. His transition to the professional environment, particularly in a bustling city like Philadelphia, may require adjustment, but his disciplined work ethic and character should serve him well in his NFL journey.

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