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Gannon Chooses High Road but Emerges Victorious Against Eagles

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PHILADELPHIA – Jonathan Gannon could have gloated and flexed for the camera like his former boss Nick Sirianni likes to do in good times. However, Gannon didn’t do any flexing or gloating when his Cardinals sent the Eagles spiraling further. In fact, he took the high road in the midst of a three-win Arizona Cardinals victory.

The Eagles lost to the Cardinals 35-31, likely costing them the No. 2 seed in the playoffs after previously being in contention. Despite the tension, Gannon refrained from taunting Philly after delivering a blow to their playoff chances.


Nick Sirianni

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Gannon certainly could have relished the moment and took a shot at his former team, especially after claims he allegedly made last year when he was hired. Yet, Gannon maintained humility, giving credit to the players rather than boasting for himself. “I feel good for the players, not for me, man,” he said. “I feel good for the players.”

Prior to the game, Gannon showed an outpouring of affection through hugs, extending his gratitude to everyone from owner Jeffrey Lurie to general manager Howie Roseman and former colleagues like Sirianni. Despite some friction last season, Gannon still holds the Eagles and their contributors in high regard.

When asked about his experience and the win, Gannon expressed gratitude for his time in Philadelphia, saying, “This place was awesome for me…That’s the reason I’m sitting at the podium right now.” His respect for his former team and colleagues was evident, even with the enticement of lambasting the Eagles in a moment of triumph.

Witnessing the struggles of the Eagles’ defense in the past season, Gannon’s absence has left fans wondering how the defense would have flourished under his guidance. His extensive knowledge of the Eagles’ playstyle probably played a hand in the win, as observed by both Sirianni and quarterback Jalen Hurts.

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Interestingly, Hurts confirmed his suspicions that Gannon had insider knowledge of the Eagles’ tactics, having been present in the strategy meetings. “He’s been in those meetings. He’s heard kind of what we’re thinking in certain situations, and we practiced against them every day for the last two years,” Hurts said. Meanwhile, Sirianni acknowledged Gannon’s expertise, stating, “He probably thought about it and the good game plan they had…hats off to them.”

The Cardinals dominated ball control for 39 minutes and 39 seconds, reflecting Gannon’s adeptness at dictating the pace of the game. With only three wins this season, Gannon clearly has garnered favor and respect from his new team, as evidenced by their dedication to delivering a win on his behalf. Their commitment to Gannon speaks volumes about his character and influence within the Cardinals organization.

Throughout the game, Gannon managed to keep his emotions in check, even though his players could sense his desire to defeat his former team. Gannon’s composure and his team’s triumph revealed his commendable work ethic and sportsmanship.

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