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Five Players to Watch in Quiet A.J. during Eagles vs. Cardinals Game

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After a three-game losing streak, the Philadelphia Eagles managed to secure a much-needed win against the New York Giants. Although their performance was not particularly impressive, the team can still take away confidence from the victory. The win helped them to maintain their season record of 9-6. The real question now is whether they can use this win as a stepping stone to build momentum and end the season on a high note.

It’s clear that a win over a team like the Giants is not as defining or confidence-inspiring as the Eagles would like it to be. They will need to perform much better in their upcoming game against the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday in order to solidify their standing in the league. A convincing win could put smiles on the faces of both players and fans, and potentially even lead to A.J. Brown ending his self-imposed media silence.

This game could be crucial, as depending on how the Eagles fare in their final two weeks, it might be their last home game of the season. Therefore, they need a solid win in Week 17 that allows for an easy fourth quarter, with no doubts about the outcome. The goal is to secure another win to improve their record to 11-4, and ultimately 12-4.

Key Players and Coach to Watch in Upcoming Game:

D’Andre Swift: The running back is just 12 yards away from achieving a 1,000-yard season, which would be a significant achievement in his career. This could potentially make the rookie Kenny Gainwell a lot more effusive in the locker room after their games. It would also mark the second consecutive year that the Eagles have had a 1,000-yard rusher, a feat they hadn’t achieved since LeSean McCoy did it in 2014.

A.J. Brown hasn’t talked to the media all week leading up to the game with the Arizona Cardinals.

A.J. Brown: Despite choosing to maintain silence with the media, Brown continues to make significant contributions on the field. He is on the cusp of breaking records in receiving yards, having an impressive season of 1,394 yards. His performance in this upcoming game could mark the eighth time he’s gone over 100 yards in his NFL career, breaking a franchise record currently held by Terrell Owens.

Gannon reaction: Fans would be intrigued to see how the former Defensive Coordinator is received when he returns to Lincoln Financial Field. Players like Darius Slay have expressed there are no hard feelings and believe it’s simply the next important game that needs to be won.

Kelee Ringo: The rookie fourth-round pick has been showing improvement over the last few games, with an interception in the last game being a significant highlight. Ringo himself remains unphased by the pressure and is determined to make the most of the opportunities he gets.

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The first-rounders: Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith have been discussed this week due to speculation around a rookie wall that Carter seems to be facing. While Carter has made significant contributions, Smith’s performance has also shown promise on the field, paving the way for various opportunities to come.

Final Prediction:

Season Record: 9-6

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