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Exploring the Creative Potential Kellen Moore Could Bring to the Eagles

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As I mentioned in my previous post about Kellen Moore, I have spent a significant amount of time studying film on the new Eagles offensive coordinator. Instead of cramming all the content into one lengthy article, I have decided to turn the clips I recorded into a series of posts, each focusing on different aspects of Kellen Moore’s coaching philosophy. If you haven’t already read the first two articles, I strongly recommend doing so before diving into this one. The first two parts focused on the run game, PA Naked Bootleg, Motion, the Blitz, Quads/Trips Formations, and Vertical Shots.

In this installment, I will cover some elements that I did not discuss in the previous articles and share my overall thoughts on Kellen Moore’s appointment as the Eagles offensive coordinator.


When it comes to offensive strategies, I have never been a big advocate of trick plays. While the Philly Special may go down in history as one of the greatest Super Bowl plays, trick plays usually don’t play a significant role in analyzing and dissecting offensive schemes. However, reviewing the Eagles’ offense last year, it was evident that there was a lack of creativity. Kellen Moore’s arrival as the offensive coordinator could bring a refreshing change as he is likely to introduce more creative plays to surprise and outmaneuver opposing defenses.

One area where Moore shines in terms of creativity is his use of wide receivers in the run game. This has prompted me to keep a keen eye on wide receiver prospects who excel at carrying the ball, particularly in the upcoming draft. The Eagles’ need for a new profile at WR3 makes this an important consideration, given Moore’s penchant for plays involving the third wide receiver.

Another dimension of Moore’s creative approach is the deployment of wide receiver runs to stretch defenses horizontally. Observing this element in Moore’s strategies has sparked my enthusiasm for the potential addition of a WR3 who can create explosive plays with the ball in his hands.

Furthermore, the frequent use of 21 personnel with running backs split out wide adds to the complexity and unpredictability of Moore’s offensive approach. This play design aims to confuse and disguise the intentions of the offense, as highlighted by Moore’s own words, “Our whole goal from an outside perspective is to make it look as confusing as possible… it’s a lot of the same concepts, it’s a lot of ways of doing the same things.” This element of misdirection and confusion can prove to be a powerful tool in Moore’s arsenal.

One play that particularly caught my attention was a red zone play featuring an outside zone with Pollard receiving the ball and Zeke Prescott serving as a distraction for the linebackers. Such innovative designs are a testament to Moore’s approach and his ability to incorporate creativity into his play calling.

Positives and Negatives

Reflecting on Moore’s potential impact as the Eagles’ offensive coordinator, I have identified several positive and negative aspects that could influence the team’s performance in the upcoming season. On the positive side, Moore has a proven track record of success, having led a strong offense with the Cowboys. His ability to plan an offense to counter blitzes, along with a consistent usage of motion, is another strength that can significantly benefit the Eagles’ offense.

Additionally, Moore’s inclination towards under center formations and his flexibility in adapting offensive strategies week by week are promising factors. His emphasis on taking shots down the field and featuring star talent at receiver aligns with an aggressive offensive philosophy, which can inject new life and dynamism into the Eagles’ offense.

However, there are also key challenges that need to be considered. Moore’s scheme will require significant adjustments from all offensive players, including the offensive line, wide receivers, and quarterback Jalen Hurts. It will be crucial for Hurts to adapt to Moore’s playbook, which incorporates under center formations, play-action concepts, and quick adjustments against blitzing defenses.

It is also worth noting that while Moore’s offense is poised to introduce a variety of innovative plays and tactics, it may deviate from traditional offensive strategies employed by the Eagles in recent years. Additionally, Moore’s limited experience with screen plays and his relatively short tenure with the Cowboys are aspects that need to be carefully evaluated.

Overall Outlook

Despite the uncertainties and challenges that come with a coaching transition, I am optimistic about Kellen Moore’s potential to lead the Eagles’ offense in a new direction. His innovative approach and proven success with the Cowboys provide a strong foundation for the team to build upon. While there may be a learning curve for the players, particularly Jalen Hurts, I believe that Moore’s creative and adaptable offensive philosophy can breathe new life into the team and produce positive results.

In conclusion, Kellen Moore’s arrival as the Eagles’ offensive coordinator signifies a significant shift in the team’s offensive approach. The infusion of creativity, adaptability, and aggressive play calling is poised to reshape the team’s identity and usher in a new era of offensive strategies. While there are challenges to navigate, the potential for a dynamic and successful offense under Moore’s leadership is a prospect worth looking forward to. As the team embraces this new direction, I anticipate a transformative and exciting journey ahead for the Eagles’ offense.

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