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Eagles Update: Jalen Hurts Expresses Reservations About Head Coachalgo

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Nick Sirianni is in a tough spot. He needs his quarterback firmly on his side. – Inquirer

The exact wording of the question: What have you noticed about Nick being open-minded to change up the offense like he has? What does that say about him? The exact wording of the answer: “Um, I mean, that’s a great question,” Hurts said haltingly. “I don’t know that I know the answer to it.” Undeterred, albeit slightly confused, the reporter followed up. Well, what have you seen from him as far as doing that?

Hurts answered slowly, as if searching for the words to say. “Um, I think he’s been great in the messages he’s delivering to the team,” the quarterback said. “Trying to be very intentional in what he’s saying. Yeah.” And that was that. The last official practice before training camp and your starting quarterback is still speaking in the lukewarmest of tones about his head coach? After five months of offseason and a week of minicamp and a series of dramatic changes to the coaching staff and scheme? After a tumultuous end to the 2023 season that included a critical ESPN report citing sources close to Hurts and Hurts’ own reluctance to publicly go to bat for his coach? I have since reconsidered. I don’t know whether Hurts’ comments — or lack thereof — are a warning sign. I don’t know whether they even rise to the level of curiosity. What I do know is that they were a missed opportunity, one that Hurts would be wise to use to his team’s advantage next time.

Jalen Hurts says 95% of Eagles’ offense for 2024 is new – ESPN

Hurts explained that while some of the plays are similar, there are changes in details and responsibilities that make even the familiar a part of the learning curve. “The X’s and O’s, the lines on the paper, they very well may be what they are supposed to be, but how I coach and how I detail these routes, how I coach the quarterback, what I want his timing to be, where I want him looking, where I want his eyes. Are receivers reading routes or are they not reading routes? Are there alerts on this, are there checks and adjustments built in on this or is this something the quarterback has to do? That’s what makes a system a system,” he said.

It was clear during both OTA practices and the Eagles’ minicamp, which wrapped Thursday, that players are still adjusting to the new details. The timing between Hurts and his playmakers has been hit or miss, and the same can be said for quarterbacks Kenny Pickett and Tanner McKee as well.

10 observations from the Eagles’ final minicamp practice – BGN

JALEN HURTS UPDATE: Hurts and the starting offense didn’t look crisp. Hurts began 7-on-7 with three straight reps where the ball either didn’t get out in a timely manner … or at all. Hurts was “sacked” multiple times, which wasn’t entirely on him (Josh Sweat beat Jordan Mailata quickly at one point) but he didn’t help the situation. It feels like it’s been feast or famine in terms of Hurts either getting out the ball quickly for a short reception or holding onto it for forever. Hurts overthrew a fairly wide open deep target on a play where “pressure” forced him to roll left. Had he put some more air under it instead of zipping it, the receiver should’ve had it comfortably or at least had a chance to make a play.

How much should be made of Hurts not looking his sharpest this spring? Hard to say. But he did look pretty good in 2022 and he wasn’t as good in OTAs last year.

Philadelphia Eagles give ‘Big’ Dom DiSandro a job title longer than a cheesesteak – SB Nation

We ask because the Eagles announced on Thursday that DiSandro has a new job title. The team unveiled a number of new personnel changes in their organization, including DiSandro’s new role: Senior Advisor to the General Manager/Chief Security Officer/Gameday Coaching Operations. 12 words and 3 slashes. That is quite the job title. Following the incident with Greenlaw, DiSandro was banned from the Eagles’ sideline for the remainder of the regular season, and fined $100,000. But now, for his 25th season with the Eagles, he has a sparkling new job title. One that is longer than your typical cheesesteak.

Dom DiSandro’s new title won’t circumvent the rule that knocked him off the sideline last year – PFT

So, no, the new title changes nothing. If DiSandro makes “unnecessary physical contact with or [directs] abusive, threatening, or insulting language or gestures at opponents, game officials, or representatives of the League,” he’ll face another banishment from the sideline. If anything, his history and the higher position of trust and responsibility that his new title reflects could make the next punishment even worse.

Minicamp Talk – Iggles Blitz

Zack Baun. Baun played LB and OLB for the Saints. I thought his best moments were as an edge rusher so I thought the Eagles would use him there. Instead he’s been an off-ball LB so far. Baun is well-spoken and had some interesting things to say in a recent press conference. He talked about how the scheme reminded him of the one he played in at Wisconsin. His DC in college was Jim Leonhard, who had played in the NFL. Leonhard and Vic Fangio were both with the Ravens in 2008 so it is no surprise that the UW defense had an NFL feel and the current scheme feels familiar to Baun. Someone asked Baun if there was any frustration with him not being an edge rusher. Baun said he was happy to play wherever the Eagles asked. My guess is that Baun wants to play a lot and is focused on getting on the field. He’s got 14 starts in four years. If the Eagles give him a legit chance to start as an off-ball LB, that is fine with him. Baun and Devin White have gotten most of the reps as the starting LBs. We’ll see if they can keep those jobs. The focus in minicamp has been on the passing game and so far Baun has been solid in coverage.

Saquon Barkley’s Dad, Alibay, Arrested In NYC – TMZ

According to the NYPD … Alibay was pulled over at around 7 PM after officers claimed the 2019 Corvette he was driving had “obstructed license plates that did not match the vehicle.” During the ensuing stop, cops say they discovered Alibay’s ride was unregistered. They also say they found a firearm illegally in the car too.

Apply now! Nonprofits use Eagles Social Justice Fund grants to make a difference in the Philadelphia community – PE.com

On the field, the Eagles’ goal is to win. Off the field, they are striving to be a fan of change by ending gun violence in Philadelphia. This weekend, the Eagles join the rest of the country in celebrating Wear Orange Weekend, honoring the victims of gun violence and building communities with those working to end gun violence.

State of the 2024 Dallas Cowboys: Will Dak Prescott, Mike McCarthy shake past playoff failures? – NFL.com

I still believe Dak Prescott can be the man to lead Dallas to the promised land. But he’s going to need to prove it in the final season of the four-year, $160 million extension he signed in March of 2021. Prescott has enjoyed outstanding success in the regular season, posting a record of 73-41 in his career, including a 13-2 mark against NFC East teams since 2021. That said, playoff losses could end up defining his Cowboys legacy. In seven postseason appearances, Prescott has lost five times, with both wins coming in the Wild-Card Round. I mean, he did end Tom Brady’s career, so that’s cool. Otherwise, the last two seasons have ended with horrific playoff defeats to, again, teams this franchise dominated in the 1990s heyday. As much as I love Dak, he must come through when it counts this season.

Dak Prescott on urgency of new contract: ‘I’ll gamble on myself and my guys’ – Blogging The Boys

In Dallas, the philosophy is to play the long game and let leaves fall as team owner Jerry Jones put it. As each…

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