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Eagles Refusing to Give Up: ‘We’re Not Out Yet!’

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – The playoffs signify a fresh start for all teams involved. Despite previously poor records, this is a new season and a chance for redemption. Every team may be 0-0, but the Philadelphia Eagles specifically faced a rough end to their regular season, leaving unanswered questions about their capabilities.

Philadelphia finished the regular season by losing five of their final six games, leading to a decrease in confidence and momentum. Losing their final two games to low-ranked teams like the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants certainly did not help in uplifting their spirits. Critics were not impressed, leaving many skeptical about their future chances in the playoffs.

However, the Eagles have chosen to adopt a positive mindset and remain hopeful as they gear up to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the wild-card round of the playoffs.

Dallas Goedert said maybe the Philadelphia Eagles were in cruise control after qualifying for the playoffs weeks ago.

Ed Kracz/SI Eagles Today

Brandon Graham, known for his optimistic nature, expressed his belief in the team’s resilience. Despite the rough patch, Graham remains hopeful and optimistic. He pointed out that the team was 10-1 once upon a time and declared that the team is cleaning up their act and starting fresh with a 0-0 record.

Speaking to the team’s resolve, Graham said, “We have an opportunity. We have crumbs. What are we going to turn them into? As long as we have life, man, we have an opportunity. I’m excited for that.”

Contrastingly, Fletcher Cox, a more realistic voice on the team, expressed concerns about the team’s current state. He acknowledged the difficulties the team faced, especially after being defeated by a struggling team like the New York Giants. Cox’s absence on the field didn’t stop him from addressing the team’s struggles in the postgame locker room, demonstrating his leadership qualities.

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Cox said, “It’s all or nothing right now, and I kind of know this team, at the moment, is kind of in a funk. But for us, everything is now win or go home … I can bet you this team is going to come out on fire.”

Tight end Dallas Goedert shared his optimism, expressing his confidence in the team’s ability to pull through and deliver a strong performance in the upcoming match.

He stated, “Absolutely we’re still together. I have no doubt on that. I have no doubt we’re going to go and put a good game together next week.”

“Maybe we’ve just been sitting at this spot knowing we’re in the playoffs and maybe we’ve been on cruise control a little which is something you never want to say, or you want a team to do but I know this team is going to be roaring and ready to go come next week.”

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