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Eagles’ new defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia, discusses his role and vision for the team’s defense

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Matt Patricia has taken over the defense for the Eagles, and he spoke to reporters for the first time on Thursday. He discussed transitioning into his new role and collaborating with Sean Desai, noting that the personal aspect of the role swap has been an adjustment. He also addressed his reconciliation with Darius Slay and admitted that there are calls he would like to have back from the final drive of the Seahawks game.

Patricia expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to join the Eagles in the spring, praising head coach Nick Sirianni as “tremendously amazing” and acknowledging the great organization built by CEO Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman.

When asked about taking over the previously installed defense, Patricia described his experience of coming into the building and being involved with various aspects of the team. He highlighted the collaborative nature of coaching and emphasized that the defense is ultimately a product of the team rather than an individual coach. Patricia recognized the ever-changing nature of football and the need to adapt defensive schemes based on the team’s personnel and opponents.

Discussing the shift in roles from Sean Desai, Patricia praised Desai as a “tremendous, tremendous football coach” and emphasized the collaborative effort between them. He cited Desai’s intelligence, scheme, and teaching abilities, noting that they continue to work together closely in their shared responsibilities.

Addressing the in-game communication with Desai, Patricia emphasized the importance of real-time information processing and communication between coaches. He acknowledged Desai’s contributions to the game and expressed appreciation for their working relationship during critical moments.

Patricia candidly admitted that there were calls he wished he could take back from the final drive against the Seahawks. He took responsibility for the defensive play-calling and expressed a desire to improve to help the team win in similar situations in the future.

In regard to reconciling his relationship with Darius Slay, Patricia revealed that he and Slay have developed an “unbelievable relationship.” He attributed Slay’s kindness and helpfulness in making him feel comfortable and acknowledged Slay’s support as he acclimated to his new role.

Overall, Patricia expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to join the Eagles and his appreciation for the support and collaborative environment within the organization. He emphasized the importance of building strong relationships with the players and colleagues, highlighting the personal aspect of coaching that he values most.

With a focus on continuous improvement and learning, Patricia conveyed his dedication to growing as a person and a coach. He acknowledged the challenges and adjustments that come with taking on a new role but expressed optimism and gratitude for the support he has received from his colleagues and players.

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