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Eagles Fans Request to “Run the Ball” So Nick Gave Them Coffee

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The Philadelphia Eagles (10-2) are arguably the best team in the NFL given their record is better than any other.

However, following a 42-19 beatdown at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers (9-3) in Week 14, some feel the wheels are about to fall off the Eagles’s championship aspirations.

In the loss, Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts threw for 298 yards and a touchdown but it took 45 passes to do it. Meanwhile, the team ran the ball just 18 times all game and that includes seven by Hurts himself.

And that has fans not just clamoring for more rushing mixed into the game plans, but outright demanding it by showing up to the Eagles’ facility Wednesday with signs reading ‘run the ball’.

“We gave them coffee,” Philadelphia coach Nick Sirianni said, laughing about the presence of run-game advocates showing up on his team’s doorstep. “I love our fans. I love their passion and their energy. That’s not the first time I’ve heard ‘run the ball’. You know what, we do need to continue to try to run the ball…and I appreciate their energy because I know that same energy of those guys sitting out there this morning when I drove in, they’re going to have that same energy when they’re cheering us on in the stadium and I’m thankful and grateful for that.”

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni celebrates with the fans after they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium.Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

That’s a really solid way for Sirianni to look at the situation. Embracing the voice of the fans is just one more reason this coach feels like a natural fit for the team and city.

Philadelphia has a passion for being the best, but also a drive to ensure it never gets comfortable in its success.

Praise an Eagles fan’s favorite team and you’re likely to hear a list of areas things need to improve in to be championship worthy. Criticize it, and you just better hope your favorite team is undefeated because they’ll do the same to yours in a much less friendly manner.

For now, the team and fans are happy to be at the top of the NFL, but nobody ever got a trophy for being the best in Week 14.

Fans and the organization alike are also acutely aware there are many cracks in the armor that need to be shored up before the postseason and a loss against the Dallas Cowboys (9-3) will do nothing to slow the wave of onlookers praying for their downfall.

A loss this weekend and not only do the Eagles lose the game and their spot on top of the league, they also fall to second place in the NFC East with just four games left to play.

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Let that happen and coach Sirianni is going to hear from the fans more than he is right now, certainly more than he has in his time as the coach of Philadelphia’s favorite green-wearing team.

So it’s a good thing he loves it because these fans aren’t going anywhere – for better or worse – whether he embraces it or not.

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