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Eagles Concerned About Cardinals’ Speed and James Connor’s Power: ‘It’s a Concern!’

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The Philadelphia Eagles are currently 11-4, and have their next game against the Arizona Cardinals. It has been a noteworthy week for the Eagles, as the Cardinals are being rebooted and are now under the leadership of head coach Jonathan Gannon, who happens to be the former defensive coordinator for the Eagles. This game between the Eagles and the Cardinals will take place at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.

The return of Gannon has overshadowed the excitement surrounding the actual football game that is set to be played between the two teams. Indeed, Gannon is a polarizing figure and is not well liked by a significant portion of Philadelphia fans. Despite this, the Eagles have remained focused on finishing the regular season strongly and are hoping to maximize their seeding position in the playoffs.

On paper, the Eagles are perceived to be the clear favorites in this game. The Cardinals are currently in a rebuilding phase and are likely more focused on their draft position as an organization rather than on securing another win or two in their remaining games. However, Gannon would undoubtedly relish the opportunity to beat his old team and prove his detractors wrong. In the previous season, Gannon’s defense was ranked number two in the NFL and managed to generate a record-breaking 70 sacks.

Although the Cardinals may seem like an unlikely threat, the Eagles are wary of the playmaking capabilities of Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray. There is concern because Murray missed two days of practice due to illness but is expected to play in the upcoming game. Eagles coach Nick Sirianni commented that Murray is still a top player, and each week he becomes healthier. It is clear that the Eagles are preparing to face a formidable opponent in Murray, who possesses exceptional skills in both playmaking and athleticism.

In light of these factors, defensive play-caller Matt Patricia has also noted Murray’s extraordinary speed and agility, emphasizing that he quickly accelerates to his top speed without any buildup. For the Eagles’ staff, the Cardinals’ speed is a major source of concern. The team’s skill players possess exceptional speed, and running back James Connor is a powerful player who can be formidable in an upset, as he is capable of moving the chains and controlling the game’s tempo.

The prospect of facing the Cardinals has kept the Eagles’ staff on their toes, particularly due to the speed and power that the Cardinals’ offense possesses. Sirianni underlined the remarkable speed possessed by the Cardinals’ offensive players, particularly the quarterback, and even highlighted their speed on tape. Additionally, the running back Connor was described as a “big, big guy” who is physically imposing and can pose a significant threat to the Eagles due to his speed and agility.

The game between the Eagles and the Cardinals is much anticipated, and the Eagles will be aiming to maintain their strong performance and secure a victory. Amidst the excitement surrounding the game, there is also the added element of the return of former Eagles’ defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon, which promises to add intrigue to the matchup.

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