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Despite a 35-31 loss, Jalen Hurts earns highest grade

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The Philadelphia Eagles no longer control their destiny for the No. 2 overall seed and NFC East after a 35-31 loss to the Cardinals at home. Jonathan Gannon’s return to Philadelphia was not the triumphant event that fans had been hoping for, as the Arizona running game proved to be too much to handle for the Eagles defense. In this game, Arizona rushed for 221 yards, with James Conner logging 26 carries for 128 yards and one touchdown. As a consequence of the Eagles’ loss, the Cowboys soared to the No. 2 seed entering Week 18, and with a victory over Washington, they would claim the NFC East title.

In light of the Eagles’ recent performance, fans and pundits are understandably outraged by the unfortunate turn of events. A closer examination of player performances via Pro Football Focus (PFF) reveals who the highest and lowest-graded players were in the game against the Cardinals.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts was notably a standout for the Eagles, receiving a PFF grade of 91.0, indicating an exceptional performance despite the team’s loss. This is a bright spot for the Eagles, and it suggests that Hurts is developing into an elite quarterback, despite the outcome of this pivotal game.

Wide receiver Julio Jones was another standout player, demonstrating his skill with a compelling PFF grade of 81.9. His 22-yard touchdown catch against the Cardinals during the second quarter exemplified the impact that he continues to have on the Eagles’ offense.

Similarly, offensive tackle Christian Darrisaw earned a solid PFF grade of 81.5, showcasing his consistency in providing protection for the Eagles’ offense. This is particularly notable given the Cardinals’ aggressive pass rush throughout the game.

Safety Sydney Brown impressed with a PFF grade of 80.9, further demonstrating his critical role in the defensive lineup. Brown intercepted a crucial pass, returning it for a 99-yard touchdown during the second quarter, providing a glimmer of hope for the Eagles even as the game took a downward turn.

Additionally, offensive lineman Cam Jurgens and Lane Johnson received a PFF grade of 78.1 collectively, demonstrating their effectiveness in the face of a challenging opponent. Their concerted efforts ensured a strong offensive line, albeit during a losing battle.

Wide receiver A.J. Brown and defensive end Jalen Carter showed considerable prowess with PFF grades of 77.6 and 76.7, respectively. Both players exhibited resilience and drive, even as the Eagles sought to overcome the Cardinals’ aggressive tactics.

Tight end Dallas Goedert’s performance resulted in a PFF grade of 75.9, indicating his continued value to the Eagles’ offensive strategy. Goedert spiked the ball after making a crucial touchdown catch during the fourth quarter, rallying the team despite the impending defeat.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts further exhibited his skill and agility, earning a PFF grade of 75.4. Hurts delivered a solid performance, running a successful sneak play for a crucial first down during the third quarter, emphasizing his consistent role as a leader on the field.

On the lower end of the spectrum, cornerback Eli Ricks received a PFF grade of 29.5, illustrating the challenges faced against the formidable Arizona offense. However, this indicates an area for growth and improvement for Ricks and the Eagles defense as a whole.

Likewise, defensive end Josh Sweat received a PFF grade of 38.7, reflecting the challenges encountered against the Cardinals’ offense. Sweat’s performance underscores the formidable nature of the Cardinals’ push to clinch a pivotal victory.

Cornerback Kelee Ringo and wide receiver Michael Wilson both faced challenges, receiving PFF grades of 41.4 and 47.5, respectively. This indicates the challenges faced by both players as they navigated a competitive and impactful game.

All in all, the Eagles’ game against the Cardinals revealed a mix of exceptional and challenging player performances, underscoring the competitive nature of the NFC East and the continued drive of the team’s players. As the Eagles navigate the remaining weeks of the season, they will undoubtedly seek to learn from this game and emerge even stronger in the face of future challenges.

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