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Convincing Myself to Support Nick Sirianni

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Eagles fans are experiencing massive disappointment after witnessing one of the most historic late-season collapses of all time. Looking back, there were clear signs that this collapse was inevitable, leading to extensive scrutiny of the decisions made by the organization in the aftermath. As other teams move deep into the postseason, Eagles fans are left waiting for a new league year. With dissatisfaction over the season’s conclusion and its aftermath, many are trying to stay grounded over the next month and a half. Here are some of the key considerations to keep in mind during this period.

While there were strong sentiments about the potential firing of Nick Sirianni, it is important to address the widely cited reason – that he lost the locker room during the team’s collapse. The product on the field showed a team lacking punch and tenacity towards the end of the season, but that alone is not sufficient evidence to conclude that the locker room was lost. The offense still showed effort even in the midst of struggles with the scheme. It’s fair to consider that the players may have been simply exhausted, given the terrible weather, brutal schedule, and key positions’ age. If there was one player on offense that appeared to quit, it was Jalen Hurts. On the defensive side, players had expressed frustrations with the coordinators, but never with Sirianni.

The professionalism and grace exhibited by the players during the collapse speak volumes about the culture Sirianni managed to establish, much like how the 49ers handled their collapse without public complaints. Jalen Hurts, however, seemed to show frustrations with the offense, indicating a potential underlying issue that one blessed in disguise.

Hurts, who is significantly invested in by the organization, is expected to be involved in the offensive coordinator hiring process. The Eagles will likely cater the coaching staff to his strengths and limitations. However, the reports of Hurts’ stoicism being an issue when the team faced adversity are a cause for concern. The organization’s future is tied to him for several seasons, and if his dissatisfaction with the coaching staff persists, it increases the likelihood of similar disasters in the future.

There’s been concern over the implication that Sirianni will have less say in the schematic structure of the offense as Lurie moves him into a “CEO” type of role. This has led to negative interpretation and backlash from fans. However, the notion that Sirianni is essentially an idiot or a cheerleader does not hold water given his rise up the coaching ranks on merit and his hiring by Lurie, who has an impressive track record for hiring head coaches. The CEO coach has a significant role in putting both coaches and players in a position to succeed and understanding the balance between handholding and autonomy for each individual.

Sirianni’s philosophy, on the whole, is a good one. Work to players’ strengths, focus on the basics, and don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. However, it was applied poorly in 2023, leading to a cornered situation without avenues to adapt or change. Sirianni seems to have recognized the need for a balance of handholding to autonomy and the dangers of being too simple.

Amidst the disappointment and uncertainty, it’s important for Eagles fans to stay grounded and consider the various factors at play, including the potential implications of coaching and leadership decisions in the future. As they eagerly await the new league year and a fresh start, these insights may offer some perspective on staying patient and engaged with the team’s journey ahead.

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