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Brandon Graham Teases Change on the Horizon: ‘Big Shifts Ahead!’

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PHILADELPHIA – Change is coming. Win or lose, this Philadelphia Eagles team will look much different next season. It happens every year to every team.

How much change the Eagles will endure could depend on how they fare Monday night in the opening round of the playoffs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium.

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Brandon Graham, who probably won’t be brought back for his 14th season with the team, hinted at what could be changing, and he didn’t exclude the coaching staff.

Brandon Graham hints that changes are coming when the Eagles' season ends.
Brandon Graham hints that changes are coming when the Eagles’ season ends. Ed Kracz SI Eagles Today

“We know next year the team is going to be different,” he said. “The coaches are going to be different, everything’s going to be different, so it’s more about trying to take advantage and help some people with what’s going to happen next year.”

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Interesting comment from Graham, who added he’s not trying to think about the impending change.

“I’m just more about trying to finish out this year the right way and giving ourselves the best chance to go out and finish the right way by executing, being together, and knowing what’s at stake right now, that it’s all or nothing,” he said.

Left tackle Jordan Mailata is using the impending finality, whenever it arrives, as motivation.

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“I don’t want it to be the last time,” he said. “I want to win a Super Bowl. Damn, we got this close last year, I want to go back there. I’m here to win Super Bowls, not Pro Bowls, All-Pro, whatever that (bleep) is. Yeah, it’s cool, 100 percent, and I respect all my colleagues who made Pro Bowl and All-Pro and that, but ultimately, I want Super Bowls.”

To take the first step and ensure the Eagles aren’t playing their final game together, Mailata believes they need to do two things – run the ball and block the blitz.

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Bucs coach Todd Bowles will send waves of blitzes at the Eagles, especially after seeing the success the New York Giants had at doing that last week. Philly had no answer.

Mailata even joked, though he claimed he wasn’t joking, that the Eagles are open to suggestions on how to keep the blitz from ruining their game plan.

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“We’re doing everything we can in the meetings to address the situation,” he said. “We’re not executing the protections we have to block the blitz, but I’m feeling confident this week. It’s a good plan. But if you have any suggestions, please let us know. I’m dead serious.”

Darius Slay was also serious when he said there’s both good and bad to faces, and maybe coaches, too, changing. At 33, Slay could even be one of those changed out.

“It’s a great thing and a bad thing because some of these guys that go off and go other places, they get paid the money they deserve, so that’s always a good thing, and the other guys are like, dang, I miss him being in the locker room, but they’re always doing best for their self and their family, but that’s a great thing about me is I try to connect with everyone so we can always be friends outside of football and outside of being in this building all the time,” he said.

“The building is cool and all but whenever I’m done, whenever that’ll be, I’m going to miss the locker room other than just playing. I have some good conversations with guys in here.”

To ensure that the Eagles aren’t playing their last game together, Mailata believes they need to focus on running the ball and blocking the blitz. As the Bucs coach Todd Bowles will be sending a lot of blitzes their way, and after the successful run of New York Giants last week, Philly needs to have an answer ready. Mailata even made a light-hearted joke that the Eagles are open to suggestions on how to handle the blitz.

And Darius Slay is also aware of the situation that they are facing. He recognized that some players are on the verge of leaving, and sometimes that is a good thing and at other times, not so good. As a 33-year-old player, he is aware that he himself might be facing the possibility of leaving. Nonetheless, he appreciates the value of forming meaningful connections with his teammates, both within and outside the locker room. He understands the business side of things and knows that players move on for the better, but he will definitely miss the camaraderie and the locker-room conversations once he moves on.

Continuing their thoughts, several players also shared their perspective. Mailata believes in using the impending finality as a source of motivation, expressing his ambitious desire to win the Super Bowl, rather than aim for Pro Bowls or All-Pro honors. He stressed the importance of not letting this be the last game and emphasized the need to work together as a team. Brandon Graham also hinted that changes are imminent, both in terms of the team and the coaching staff. However, he expressed his desire to focus solely on the present and compete to the best of his abilities. All the players acknowledge that change is imminent, but they are striving to make the most of their present situation, stay focused on their goals, and support each other through the transition period.

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Given the potential changes that loom on the horizon, the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is not just another playoff match. It serves as an opportunity for the Eagles to demonstrate their resilience, strength, and teamwork. Each player is aware of the challenges presented by Tampa Bay, and they are united in their determination to face those challenges head-on. They recognize the significance of this game, not only for the present but also for the future of the team. As they step onto the field, they carry their ambitions, their goals, and their one shared objective – to emerge victorious.


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