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Apology Accepted: Patricia Slay on a Great Dude!

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PHILADELPHIA – Before meeting the media earlier this week, and for the first time since being hired on April 20 as a senior defensive assistant coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, Matt Patricia said something interesting during his 20 minutes in front of reporters.

He said he hugged Darius Slay before heading to the podium.

It was no secret that the two did not see eye-to-eye when Patricia was the head coach of the Detroit Lions and Slay roamed the secondary for the Lions before being traded to the Eagles in 2019.

Clearly, they have hugged and made up, something Slay confirmed on Friday as the Eagles prepare to host the New York Giants on Christmas Day (4:30 p.m./FOX).

Matt PatriciaEd Kracz/SI Eagles Today

“He kind of gave me a hug at least once or twice throughout the week just to holler at me,” said Slay. “Like, ‘Hey man, how you doing?’ And just be chopping it up. Sometimes we talked ball. Sometimes we talked other stuff.”

Patricia took over play-calling duties on defense from Sean Desai last week after the Eagles opted to hire him initially even though they knew the backstory between the two of them.

“Of course, me and him have got to put our personal differences to the side about what my personal feelings about him were at the time,” said Slay. “I just know he’s a coach that likes to win, and I like to win as well. I told them whatever’s best for the organization let’s do it, because I wanted to win.

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“I wanted to sacrifice what I’ve got against him to help this team. We set up a talk. We talked about it. it went well. We got a great understanding. And then a friendship and how we just kept on growing and growing.”

Patricia said that people change, and he is certainly not immune to changing.

“You know how it is when you go to a new place, and you are trying to learn people, you gravitate towards the ones you know,” said Patricia. “He’s out there with arms open and helped me fit in and feel comfortable. I’m really very grateful to him for that.

“As you go through life and you grow and learn and hopefully improve and get better as a person, from me personally, where I was whenever that was, I’m just trying to be a better person every day. I’m just really thankful to him for that.”

Added Slay: “He’s been a great addition to here, man. He’s been a great dude. He for sure is a whole different dude than he was in Detroit. I must say, man, like I told him I appreciate him for being a man about the situation and coming in and trying to fix the situation.”

Matt Patricia has a unique approach to dealing with his past and current relationships, especially when it comes to personal and professional growth. It was no secret that the relationship between him and Darius Slay was anything but amiable when Patricia was the head coach of the Detroit Lions and Slay was part of the team. However, since becoming part of the Philadelphia Eagles, it seems that over time, they have been able to put their differences aside and start anew.

The clearest sign that the two have moved past their previous issues is when Patricia openly admitted to hugging Slay before going to talk to the media. Slay even confirmed it himself, mentioning that they had been able to chat and create a better understanding of each other. The fact that Patricia has taken over play-calling duties on defense from Sean Desai further proves that they have managed to push past their personal differences, especially since the Eagles management knew their backstory when they decided to hire Patricia in the first place.

Slay’s comments confirm that Patricia’s approach worked as he acknowledged that Patricia’s efforts to communicate and address their differences led to positive outcomes. From Patricia’s perspective, people change over time, and someone’s personality can evolve as they go through life and learn.

Patricia’s ability to acknowledge and address personal and professional relationships contributes to a positive work environment, emphasizing the importance of communication and interpersonal growth. It is essential to approach situations with an open mind and a willingness to overcome past grievances, resulting in a better work environment and improved collaborations.

As Patricia settles into his role with the Eagles, it is clear that he is striving to be a better person every day and is grateful to those who have helped him along the way. His approach to building relationships and resolving past issues demonstrates that individuals can overcome personal conflicts and grow together, setting a positive example for the team as a whole. Patrica and Slay’s journey from conflict to resolution highlights the importance of second chances and the potential for personal and professional growth.

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