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An in-depth analysis of the 2023 Philadelphia Eagles’ unprecedented downfall

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An in-depth analysis of the 2023 Philadelphia Eagles’ unprecedented downfall

Jeffrey Lurie stomped furiously up the tunnel ramp of Lincoln Financial Field. The refined Philadelphia Eagles’ owner’s squinting eyes shot daggers. His sneering veneer screamed “I want to punch someone in the face,” after the Philadelphia Eagles’ 35-31 loss to the three-win Arizona Cardinals on Dec. 31. It marked the fourth time in five games Lurie saw his team lose—and he clearly was not pleased. 2023 was an epic disappointment for Lurie and the team.

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The legacy of the 2023 Philadelphia Eagles being Super Bowl contenders was quickly marred by coordinator and player defections, especially on the defensive side. It was clear that Lurie and General Manager Howie Roseman had failed, and head coach Nick Sirianni and the players also failed to live up to expectations. The media and some fans also failed to see the trouble brewing as the team faltered.

One of the key issues that arose in 2023 was the performance of quarterback Jalen Hurts. Sources within and around the team revealed that Hurts appeared to have changed after signing a large contract extension. His accessibility to media, fans, and teammates had been limited. His representation, LeBron James’ Klutch Sports Group, had put him in the spotlight with magazine covers and commercials. This change in his public persona seemed to affect his relationships with his teammates.

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Hurts, who is generally guarded, became even more secluded during the season, which led to concerns about his leadership. It was noted that Hurts became less approachable and was less engaged with his team off the field. Sources close to and around the team suggested that Hurts should have been a better leader and was capable of doing so, but he appeared to be detached and unapproachable to his teammates.

The team’s perception of Jalen Hurts was evident in his interactions with them on the field during games. There were instances where it seemed that teammates were not willing to defend him when he was physically provoked, suggesting there might be an underlying issue of trust within the team. This lack of camaraderie was reminiscent of previous issues surrounding former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, and Jalen Hurts would need to address this before the upcoming season.

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Hurts also faced challenges with injuries during the season. It was reported that he had been playing with a knee injury that he may need to address during the offseason. Additionally, there were concerns about the team’s offensive approach, as Hurts believed they were overly reliant on vertical routes and not utilizing short-to-intermediate throws effectively.

Overall, Hurts’ performance in 2023 was not reflective of his strong showing in the previous year, and there were areas where he would need to improve to become a better leader for the team.

Nick Sirianni is likely to stay, according to reports

In summary, the 2023 Philadelphia Eagles were marked by disappointment and underperformance on multiple levels. From the team’s leadership to the players’ execution on the field, it was clear that changes needed to be made in the offseason to ensure a better showing in the future. As Lurie and the team look forward to the upcoming season, they will need to address these issues to avoid a repeat of the 2023 debacle.

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