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A.J. Brown dispels Eagles trade rumors: “I’m staying put”

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A.J. Brown dispels Eagles trade rumors: “I’m staying put”

A.J. Brown found himself frustrated and emotional as the Eagles’ disappointing 2023 season came to an end. With an injury sidelining him for the team’s playoff game against the Bucs, the WR was unable to change the narrative heading into the offseason. Speculation has been swirling about Brown’s future with the Eagles.

The WR called into 94WIP on Friday and finally addressed some burning questions that Philly fans have been eager to hear.

Right off the bat, Brown was asked about his intentions to stay with the Eagles:

“I have no problem. I want to be here, it’s as simple as that. I love where I’m at, it’s as simple as that. Next question.”

It was noted that as the 2023 season progressed, it seemed like Brown’s relationship with Jalen Hurts had shifted since they first connected in 2022. However, the WR was quick to dismiss any notion of a rift between them.

“I think that’s total BS. It wasn’t a problem when I was on my six-game streak. They weren’t talking about that then. They only started talking about that when we started losing.

So, of course you see friction. You see friction from everybody — from the coaches to the players. Everybody. So, there you go.”

Brown mentioned that he preferred not to discuss his relationship with Hurts on air but reiterated that there was no issue between them.

The WR also clarified that he has regained control of his Twitter account, attributing the posts from Super Bowl weekend until recently to a hacker.

Brown engaged in a back-and-forth with co-host Ike Reese regarding the lack of support from Philly media for the team. He expressed feeling personally attacked when his character was called into question. Reese defended the media’s role in informing fans about the team’s situation, even if it involves rumors, while Brown felt that the media exaggerated stories for clicks.

Brown indicated that the Eagles’ locker room was not the problem, citing player execution as the reason for the season’s breakdown. He emphasized that the media unfairly shifted blame to the coaches, a notion Brown never endorsed, pointing out that the team’s struggles were a collective responsibility.

Addressing the team’s performance, Brown acknowledged that despite their strong record through 11 games, they did not consistently play like the best team. He believed that when things started to unravel, it set off a chain reaction.

The conversation shifted to Brown feeling scapegoated by the media for the team’s issues. He expressed frustration at being misunderstood, explaining that his emotional reactions on the sideline stemmed from holding teammates accountable and pushing them to excel.

“I’m the person that you need on a team because I am willing to hold people accountable, make people around me better.

But nobody sees that. All you see is the little flare-ups. And, I can honestly say — you see the flare-ups because nobody in that building works harder than me. Nobody in that building prepares harder than me, more than me.

That’s why you see the passion. That’s why you see me react the way I act. Because nobody’s spending that time like me. I know for a fact.”

Brown reiterated that he feels misunderstood but emphasized that he doesn’t seek understanding. He rejected comparisons to T.O. and his controversial tenure in Philly, asserting that his approach differs greatly.

In a bid to stand up against false narratives, Brown called in to defend his teammates against rumors and unwarranted claims. He highlighted his eagerness to take charge in crucial moments and energize the team.

When asked about calls for Jalen Hurts to be a more vocal leader, Brown emphasized the importance of authenticity over mere emotionality. He supported Hurts in staying true to himself, noting that concerns arose only after the team’s losses despite the QB’s consistent style throughout the season.

Concluding the call, Brown affirmed his desire to remain with the Eagles, expressing his love for Philly and dismissing rumors as baseless.

“I just want to let Philly know I love ‘em, and everyone who’s making up rumors — you need to find another job.”

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