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The Philadelphia Eagles are well into their 2024 offseason and will now be focused on reshaping their roster to accommodate two new coordinators, one on each side of the ball.

For the 2024 season, it’s expected that the cap will exceed $240 million, with Philadelphia currently carrying about $20,284,984 in cap space. With 20 pending free agents, the team is also expected to retool their defense, which will provide the organization with more flexibility under the cap.

According to Over the Cap’s potential transaction chart, the Eagles could generate up to $35.4 million in cap space by making a few key moves. As we near the start of the new league year, it’s worth exploring various methods that Philadelphia GM Howie Roseman might implement to create and manipulate the team’s salary cap to their advantage.

One tactic that can be utilized is restructuring player contracts, which provides immediate cap relief but could have long-term implications on the salary cap. Here are the players’ 2024 cap hits and potential savings:

– Haason Reddick (Linebacker): $21,877,000 cap hit, $11,092,500 savings
– Kevin Byard (Safety): $14,417,088 cap hit, $9,292,500 savings
– Avonte Maddox (Cornerback): $9,676,913 cap hit, $4,406,250 savings
– Jordan Mailata (Offensive Lineman): $10,761,000 cap hit, $2,796,000 savings
– Josh Sweat (Defensive End): $9,077,000 cap hit, $2,540,000 savings
– Dallas Goedert (Tight End): $9,131,583 cap hit, $2,260,000 savings
– Jake Elliott (Kicker): $5,952,000 cap hit, $1,867,500 savings

An alternative method for creating cap space is through contract extensions, which provide benefits for both the team and player. By extending players’ contracts, the organization can reduce the cap hit for the current year, while locking in key contributors for the future. Here are the potential cap hits and savings for 2024 with contract extensions:

– Haason Reddick: $21,877,000 cap hit, $11,832,000 savings
– Kevin Byard: $14,417,088 cap hit, $9,912,000 savings
– Avonte Maddox: $9,676,913 cap hit, $4,700,000 savings
– Jordan Mailata: $10,761,000 cap hit, $2,796,000 savings
– Josh Sweat: $9,077,000 cap hit, $2,540,000 savings
– Dallas Goedert: $9,131,583 cap hit, $2,260,000 savings
– DeVonta Smith (Wide Receiver): $6,408,625 cap hit, $1,881,243 savings

For players who aren’t having their contracts reworked, cutting them is another strategic approach for managing the salary cap. Cutting players prior to June 1 incurs less dead money, which makes it a more favorable option. When players are cut, it minimizes their dead cap totals. Here’s a look at the cap hits, potential savings, and dead money for several players:

– Haason Reddick: $21,877,000 cap hit, $16,000,000 savings, $5,877,000 dead money
– Kevin Byard: $14,417,088 cap hit, $14,070,588 savings, $346,500 dead money
– Avonte Maddox: $9,676,913 cap hit, $7,117,647 savings, $2,559,266 dead money
– Josh Sweat: $9,077,000 cap hit, $4,300,000 savings, $4,777,000 dead money

Managing all of these contracts will be vital to maintaining a balance between the roster and the salary cap, especially with an eye towards bringing in new talent or retaining key contributors. As the Eagles continue to navigate the offseason, it will be interesting to see how they leverage these financial strategies in conjunction with reshaping the roster for the 2024 season and beyond.

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